Monday Bunday: A very bunny Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s a round up of some of my favourite bunny tree ornaments.


  1. Leaping Rabbit – Needle Felted Bunny Christmas Ornament
    $25 from Etsy Seller BossysFeltworks
  2. MarthaHoliday Arctic Rabbit Christmas Ornaments
    $12.79 for Set of 4 from JC Penney
  3. Bunny Rabbit in Heart by Brick Pond Ornaments
    $12.50 from Bunny Rabbit
  4. Cloisonne Rabbit Ornament
    $9.95 from China Sprout
  5. Mini Clay Chubby Bunny Ornament
    $15 from Etsy Seller bubbledog
  6. Christmas ornament felt Bunny with a Heart decor
    $15 from Etsy Seller TheOffbeatBear
  7. Bunny Rabbit Ornaments – Hand Carved From Solid Hardwood
    $19 for set of 5 from Etsy Seller BunnyRabbitToys
  8. Life is Good White Rabbit Christmas Ornament by Inge-Glas of Germany. $17.75 from Trendy Tree
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