Tofu Tuesday: Bunny likes his water bottle

Tofu the bunny has never been much of a drinker. He either doesn’t get thirsty or forgets to drink water. Good thing there is plenty of water in all the fresh vegies and grass that he eats.

We recently bought him a water bottle and after a few lessons, (yes, a rabbit must be taught how to use a water bottle) he now drinks from it on his own.


6 thoughts on “Tofu Tuesday: Bunny likes his water bottle

  1. When we first got Izzy, she drank from one of those and the sound drove me crazy! She now drinks out of a water bowl, and I love the little slurping sounds she makes. Also, the little wet chin she gets afterward is adorable!

    1. I agree, the wet chin is very sweet. I used to love watching him lick all the excess dribbles up. The water bottle is still a novelty so we delight in hearing him use it. We feel like proud parents that our bunny has picked up a new skill.

  2. OMG, I had no idea it was a little movie, I love how his little tongue licks the bottle! What an adorable cutie pie! Did you ever figure out whose lipstick that was?

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