Tofu Tuesday: Bunny shaming #2

Tofu the bunny has been more active. We thought that he didn’t jump up onto the couch and bed because he was getting old, but after surgery, he has been  jumping up onto the couch.

On Friday we returned to the vet for a follow-up visit. They were pleased with his progress. One vet thought she recognised a picture of Tofu on the internet. She showed me the picture of this bok choy monster and yep, that’s him. The team at Lynfield Vets practice rabbit sorcery. They do amazing work and we are comforted by the fact there are always other rabbits in the waiting room when we visit.


Want to see more bunny shaming? See here.

4 thoughts on “Tofu Tuesday: Bunny shaming #2

  1. Oh yes, the Dust Buster used to do that too. She’d come screaming into our bedroom, jump up on JT’s side, walk across his face and snuggle up to me and flop. We’d sleep like that for about 20 minutes then she would get hungry and leave.
    Glad to hear the bunny is doing well.

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