Monday Bunday: Pink Rabbit Eats Planets

Pink Rabbit Eats Planets (artist unknown)
Pink Rabbit Eats Planets (artist unknown)

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. The Koala and I had the best weekend in ages. I think when the week is long and hard the weekends feel particularly short and sweet.

I couldn’t find the artist responsible for this amazing image which I found via Tumblr. If you know who I can credit this to please let me know!

I would love to know of the context, if it is a stand alone painting or if it is movie. It looks very 1960’s sci-fi pulp. It is so awesomely bizarre. I’d love it as a print in my office.

Edit: Thanks to Kara La La La, I now know this is by Joel F. Naprstek. With his name I was able to find more about this piece: “Art by Joel Naprstek for “Just a Couple Of Space Rogues Playing Name That Tune.”, written by Adam Troy-Castro.

See Joel’s work here:



5 thoughts on “Monday Bunday: Pink Rabbit Eats Planets

  1. I kept this pic because I love it. It’s like they’re going: “OMG, it’s a giant pick cosmic rabbit eating the earth and shooting laser beams from its nostrils.”
    “Shhh! What are you saying? If you say it, it makes it real.” :)

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