Monday Bunday: Hopping Hare


Badger beers had a brand-wide redesign by starting with their Hopping Hare beer. The result is fresh while still being very English countryside. The typography is very playful with strong illustrated elements.

This redesign was done by UK advertising agency Brand Opus.

Check out this and more of Brand Opus’s portfolio here:




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Monday Bunday: Shiner Wild Hare Pale Ale


I’m quite fond of the branding for Shiner’s Wild Hare Pale Ale. The copy was clearly written by advanced lagomorph experts.


Lepus texianus hopus aleicus

STYLE: Classic American Pale Ale  ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 32

A mature individual stands 9.5 inches tall and weighs 12.0001 ounces. Renowned for its assertive temperament and hoppy characteristics. It has a distinguished heritage, being the product of high alpha Bravo and U.S. Golding hops, as well as two-row barley malt with a blend of Munich and caramel malts. Note the Wild Hare’s handsome red pelt and distinctive neck band, which helps distinguish it from others out in the wild. The beer enthusiast is its only known predator.

More info on their website here:


wild-hare3 wild-hare4 wild-hare5


Monday Bunday: Mark Hearld’s Harvest Hare

Mark_Hearld_Harvest_Hare_Wallpaper_6_1024x1024 Mark_Hearld_Harvest_Hare_Wallpaper_1024x1024 Mark_Hearld_Harvest_Hare_Wallpaper_Blue_Slate_1024x1024 Mark_Hearld_Harvest_Hare_Wallpaper_Country_Living_magazine_1024x1024

Check out this linocut design by artist Mark Hearld for St Jude.

The design is called “Harvest Hare” and the wallpaper is printed in the UK using water-based inks and paper from sustained forests. Available in blue slate, corn and chalk white. Also available in other colours as cushion covers and fabric.

More info on Mark Hearld’s printmaking here:




Monday Bunday: Ragbit

ragbit1 ragbit2 ragbit3 ragbit4 ragbit5

Ragbit is an Indonesian clothing label with designs by Riayu Putri Narindra from Bandung, Indonesia.

I like the juxtaposition of old style illustration with contemporary geometric fonts and shapes.

You can see this project and others on Riayu’s Behance page here: 

Please do, she has some great food related designs.

Monday Bunday: Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

I bought one of these cute Petite Bunny Gloss Bars by TONYMOLY a while ago because of the adorable packaging.

Turns out I really liked the product as well. The colours are cute and subtle and each comes with a delicious flavour.

I got the winking one but there is something very alluring about the angry one on the end.

You can get them for around $10US from many online retailers.


Monday Bunday: Rabbits Love Scarves

Rabbits Love Scarfs by Donna McKenzie

Rabbits Love Scarfs by Donna McKenzie

This very sweet scarf-wearing rabbit illustration is by Donna McKenzie.

She sells her prints on Etsy and you can see this image and more on her website:

I love how suddenly regal or gentlemanly this rabbit looks. I’ve been wearing a scarf most days, I hope I look this fancy. Tofu the bunny doesn’t wear a scarf, he has a nice fluffy dewlap the doubles as a scarf.

Hope you are keeping warm this winter!

The winter solstice happened upon us over the weekend and I’m very much looking forward to longer days. Walking to work in the dark feels so wrong.

Monday Bunday: Pink Rabbit Eats Planets

Pink Rabbit Eats Planets (artist unknown)

Pink Rabbit Eats Planets (artist unknown)

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. The Koala and I had the best weekend in ages. I think when the week is long and hard the weekends feel particularly short and sweet.

I couldn’t find the artist responsible for this amazing image which I found via Tumblr. If you know who I can credit this to please let me know!

I would love to know of the context, if it is a stand alone painting or if it is movie. It looks very 1960’s sci-fi pulp. It is so awesomely bizarre. I’d love it as a print in my office.

Edit: Thanks to Kara La La La, I now know this is by Joel F. Naprstek. With his name I was able to find more about this piece: “Art by Joel Naprstek for “Just a Couple Of Space Rogues Playing Name That Tune.”, written by Adam Troy-Castro.

See Joel’s work here:



Monday Bunday: BOLD


We’re having a very snug Queen’s birthday weekend here in Auckland.

On the cotton-tails of Citta’s sleepy rabbit cushion last week, here’s a bunny cushion by another NZer called BOLD.

BOLD was born after a DIY lampshade inspired a Hawkes Bay mother to make lampshades for sale and more recently she has branched out to cushions.

This very lovely cushion would look great on in our house. Very styley, not too “crazy bunny lady”.

Fabric is by Holli Zollinger at Spoonflower.


Tofu Tuesday: P-p-p-poker Face

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
(Mum mum mum mah)
P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face
(Mum mum mum mah)

The Koala and I often think that Tofu has a great poker face. It’s hard to know what side he’s picketing at times and he is always fabulous.

With that in mind, I present to you: black lace bunny ears on Lady Gaga and Bunny Gaga.

Who wore it better?






Monday Bunday: Sleepy Rabbit by Citta Design

This morning, The Koala started his new job. He was up before dawn and handed me a sleepy rabbit to snuggle with in his place.

Tofu the bunny is extra lovely in the morning, especially when he wants to do a bit more snoozing. You can rub his ears and cheeks and he will grind his teeth in delight (kind of like a cat purring). Even after I’d gotten up, showered, dressed and breakfasted, Tofu the bunny was still snuggling on the bed enjoying the residual warmth. I felt cruel when it was time to scoop him up and put him outside.


On that note, I’d like to present to you this new design called “Sleepy Rabbit” by New Zealand company Citta Design. Citta Design are just around the corner from where I live, work and play and they even have an outlet store next door to BLOC. I often visit during lunch time for a bit of window shopping. Kind of like a real life Pinterest. I could walk around the store putting little pin stickers on all the stuff I covet.

I love their description for this cushion cover in their website…

Shhh… Don’t wake the Sleepy Rabbit. Just curl up next to him and snuggle deeper under the blankets for a little self-imposed hibernation.

You can get your very own for $39.90NZ in store or on the Citta Design website. Please note this is the cover only and cushion inner is extra.


Citta Design Auckland BLOC
BLOC Level 1
20 Normanby Road
Mt Eden


Monday Bunday: Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit Wine Club rewards resellers for stocking their wines.

Their brand is slick and their rewards worthy of showing off in any bar or restaurant.

Find out more on their website here.


Jack Rabbit chalk board


Jack Rabbit ice bucket



Jack Rabbit wines


Jack Rabbit specials board


Jack Rabbit display


Jack Rabbit carafe


Jack Rabbit spritzer glass


Jack Rabbit apron

Monday Bunday: Schipper’s Beer




Schipper’s beer is a tiny brewery based in my neck of the woods. The brewer is a local photographer with a passion for food and beer. Schippers have delightful branding including this armed and dapper magician for Schipper’s Herr X Vienna Lager.


A complex but elegant lager with subtle cherry and raisin aromas. 80’s music nerds will be interested to note that Herr X is the B-side of Ultravox’s Vienna.

Illustrations by Paul Densem at Teaspoon Films and design by Gunroom.

You can see more work by Gunroom and Paul Densem here and here.

Find out more about Schipper’s Beer on their Facebook page.

All images property of Schipper’s Beer.



Monday Bunday: Bunny Backpack

The Koala and I share a backpack. The Kathmandu backpack came free with my first student bank account, which means it has given a good 12 years of service. It has travelled with me to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Probably due to the countless beach missions, one zipper is calcified.

I’m in no rush, but I’ve been on the lookout for a new backpack.

Too bad this bag from ASOS is out of stock.