Monday Bunday: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Wishing everyone a safe and delicious Easter! Here is a round up of some of the loveliest chocolate Easter bunnies via Pinterest.

For those in Auckland, don’t forget to enter The Zomato Easter Egg Hunt! Competition ends this Wednesday, so get your entries in.

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Monday Bunday: Bunny Place Card Holders


Loving these bunny place card holders from BHLDN. Stoneware with magnets to hold cards in place, white with gold feet. $28 for a set of 6.

While you are there, check out their Rabbit Rabbit Cake Topper. A bit steep for $158…which was what we spent on our entire wedding cake with cupcakes!


Monday Bunday: Too cute

I’ve often been described as cute. Being cute means you can get away with things, though it also means that people expect you to be patient. Well, not anymore! Not with this shirt on. Also available as a cushion or various prints.


Get them from Human here, here or here.

Monday Bunday: Nutty Bunny


I love this branding by Sophia Georgopoulou for U.S. dessert company Nutty Bunny.


Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, a little girl developed some serious allergies including dairy products. Her mother, who has a culinary background, developed a healthy non-dairy ice cream for her and Nutty Bunny was born.


The handrawn, doodles that Sophia Georgopoulou has come up with look really suits the natural characteristics of the product.

All ingredients are 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO and are naturally gluten-free. Nutty Bunny products do not use any artificial sweeteners and there are no funky, unpronouncable substances. They simply use nature’s purest ingredients and local sources whenever possible.

See more of Sophia’s work on her Behance portfolio here or her website


Monday Bunday: Ohio House Rabbit Rescue

ohio-rabbit-rescue01 ohio-rabbit-rescue02 ohio-rabbit-rescue03 ohio-rabbit-rescue04 ohio-rabbit-rescue05 ohio-rabbit-rescue06 ohio-rabbit-rescue07 ohio-rabbit-rescue08

I’m loving this campaign by designer Haley Fischer for first ever rabbit rescue centre in Ohio. Haley lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA and works in advertising.

See these works and more at Haley’s Behance page here: or her website here:

Monday Bunday: Kim Jung Gi


The Koala has been mesmerized by Kim Jung Gi the savant-like illustrator. Now I am too. His grasp of plotting, perspective and proportion is phenomenal.

Watch him draw this epic battle of the giant rabbits in the video below.

More of his work over on his website

p.s. Today also happens to be The Koala’s birthday and we are taking a much needed day off. Happy birthday love!

Monday Bunday: Vegans “Manatees ‘n Bunnies”

I’ve blogged about husband and wife duo Kozyndan (made up of Kozy and Dan) way back in 2009 but more recently they created a piece called Vegans: Manatees ‘n Bunnies.

The Koala has been referred to as a sea cow on more than one occasion so this piece is really special to me. It boggles my mind that this has been done before. It’s quite a niche.

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View this and more over on their Behance page here.

p.s. Tofu is undergoing surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Monday Bunday: Super Bowls

It might be Monday over here in New Zealand, but elsewhere there are people are celebrating Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are some bowls that I think are pretty super.


Have a great Super Bowl Sunday. It happens to be Groundhog Day. So get ready to do it all again :)


Monday Bunday: Bugs


Sam Bunny is a publication designer living in Wellington, New Zealand.

This is his design for the book Bugs by Whiti Hereaka.

You can view more of Sam’s work on his website:

I wish my last name was bunny too. Though if it was, I bet you all wouldn’t believe me.

Monday Bunday: Haarmagie

haarmagie1 haarmagie2 haarmagie3 haarmagie4

Love this branding by Pixelinme, a branding agency based in Germany.

“HAARMAGIE” is the modern chain of hair salons in Germany…The main idea of the logo is based on the company name “HAARMAGIE”, which literally means “Hair Magic” in german. In order to symbolize the magic in it’s widely recognizable and positively comprehensive way, we have picked the “Magic Cylinder”. The hair stylist scissors were chosen to indicate the company business and its creative combination, reminding rabbit ears, creatively identifies our client’s business. The harmonic font and color choice complete the visual identity and meet our client’s goal in a most innovative way.”

View this project and more on their website: