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Goodbye sweet Tofu

With full and heavy hearts we said goodbye to our sweet Tofu on Sunday. Tofu lived a full life of 9.5 years and charmed everyone he met. A free ranging creature who lived his last 3 years completely blind, he was a lover, a fighter and little champion. He loved cuddles and was the most chill rabbit I ever met. His favourite foods included carrots, oats, dandelion and parsley. He had been unwell on Sunday and our plan if he didn’t improve, was to take him to the vet on Monday morning. He has always improved after a few hours. After a sunny Sunday of cuddles and hanging out with us and friends all day in the garden, in the evening, about 7pm, on our bed, on his favourite blanket, he suddenly squealed and he was gone. He has been a big part of our lives for almost 10 years and will be greatly missed. Binky free little one.


Cocktails and dumplings

This week I tried First Table, a booking website which gives users an early-bird special. Each booking gives the first table of diners (groups of two to four) a generous 50% off their food bill. Food includes dessert and there is no maximum spend. That’s right, no maximum spend. Whether you order $50 or $500 worth of food, you pay half price. While drinks are not included in the special, it’s good to note that your visit may happen to coincide with happy hour at some establishments. First Table currently have about 40 Auckland restaurants to choose from (including The Commons, Pilkingtons, Everybody’s) and covers 16 other regions in New Zealand. The website is easy to use and bookings cost $10 each and can be made up to 6 days prior. Spaces are very limited as there is only 1 first table per day, per restaurant. If you are flexible with dining times or like to eat early and love a great deal, then First Table is perfect for you. After browsing their list of Auckland restaurants, …


Our Growing Edge – February 2017 – Aphrodisiacs!

I hope you had a great start to the year and have kept up with any food related resolutions. February edition of Our Growing Edge is hosted by Amanda from My Everyday Homemade and the theme is APHRODISIACS…just in time for Valentines day. Amanda lives on 8 acres of land in Indiana, US. Her recipes are feed many mouths – as they should be when cooking for 6 people regularly! Check out her charmed life on her Instagram here: If you are embarking on any new food adventures this month, make sure to  share it with Our Growing Edge. Some aphrodisiac-related food adventures you could try this month: Makes something from a fruit or vegetable with a sexy shape (bananas, avocados, figs) Cook with chocolate Shuck an oyster Construct a 3 course meal that can be eaten in bed Host a champagne breakfast Devise a romantic dinner for two Make truffles (chocolate) Cook with truffles (fungi) To submit a post, click on the submission button below: More info on the event can be found here. Last month’s event Last month was hosted by Terri from Food …


Tofu Tuesday: Vegetables

These adorable beaded vegetables are a gift from my friend Vanessa all the way from Guatemala. Tofu especially approves of the carrot. Vanessa has spent a year volunteering full time in an orphanage in Guatemala and is now wrangling huge spiders and headed to Nicaragua via El Salvador. Vanessa is a rock star. Check out her blog here. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.


Poké face

Poké (pronounced “po–kay”) landed in Auckland last September in the tired underground IMAX food court on Queen Street. My fork buddy and I hit up Poke Time on opening day: bright and little tacky, as Hawaiian-themed things can be, the experience has a Subway vibe and is essentially a build-your-own raw fish salad bowl. You pick whatever you want, although it can be too many decisions for the uninitiated. If you’ve never tried poké before, it can be overwhelming but if you know what you are doing, Poke Time is great value. With heaps of options including salmon, two types of tuna, and trevally, they also have token vegetarian options, but that’s probably not what most will come here for. Tip: go for the seasoned fish, the non-marinated options are essentially sashimi bowls, rather than poké bowls. Poké means “chop” and is a Hawaiian dish influenced by Japanese cuisine. Poké is raw fish (such as tuna, salmon or octopus) is cubed and seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, seaweed. Poké is often served served with fresh vegetables and rice …


Our Growing Edge – January 2017 – Healthy Starts

Many of us will begin the year with a food-related resolution. Whatever form your new years resolutions take, there’s no doubt that it can be tricky to start afresh after the decadence of the holiday season. A new year, a new month means a new edition of Our Growing Edge. This blog link up encourages us to try new things in the kitchen, in our bellies and in our every day lives. While I’m not a fan of extreme diets, incorporating whole foods into my diet is absolutely something I can get on board. Fresh produce, fresh fruit, fresh meat and fresh seafood can be super inspiring when it comes to eating well. January 2017 hosted by Terri from Food Meanderings and the theme is HEALTHY STARTS. Hopefully this link up with encourage us to think of healthy, delicious recipes and hold us accountable this month. I look forward to seeing all the delicious ways you start 2017 with. If you are creating any healthy dishes month, share it with Our Growing Edge. Some ideas you could try this month: Experiment with …


2017 Manifesto

2016 was a game changer. If we are forever rushing along the deluge of life, then 2016 was when I jumped from the safety of the raft to try synchronised swimming. It was scary but it looked cool. This year I grew up a lot and at the risk of sounding like another thirty-something year old woman who has found herself…I’m another thirty-something year old woman who has found herself. I know who I am and feel solid in my shoes. In this life that I have carved out for myself. And it’s been amazing. I am living the dream. Courage In March 2016, not so long after writing last year’s manifesto (or resolutions if you prefer) and after a lot of reflecting, I handed in my notice at my graphic design job of over 10 years to go full time freelance. Now I am a graphic designer, a blogger, a food stylist, a photographer and an illustrator…whenever and whatever the job requires. I’m a multi-faceted creature with many curiosities, talents and passions. As many of us …


Festive Lamb Salad

Hope everyone had a delicious Christmas! We’ve just spent four nights at a bach (kiwi for holiday home) for some family time. We were just a short downhill walk to the centre of Akaroa, a sleepy French harbourside settlement surrounded by dramatic hills. There were barbecues, lots of salads, a glazed ham, whitebait fritters, chocolates, cookies, desserts and just enough chilled beer and wine to wash it all down. I adore glazed ham (call me the queen of ham) and we finished the last of the ham leftovers the night before departure. I am not all hammed out at all. In fact, I’ve been contemplating buying a post-Christmas ham for the two of us to snack on. Maybe after that I shall be satiated. In any case, this festive salad I made earlier this month with lamb steaks could be switched for leftover ham if you happen to have any still left. Just top with sliced ham instead of sliced lamb. Festive lamb salad (or leftover ham salad if you happen to have leftover ham) Serves 2 Ingredients …