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Goodbye sweet Tofu

With full and heavy hearts we said goodbye to our sweet Tofu on Sunday. Tofu lived a full life of 9.5 years and charmed everyone he met. A free ranging creature who lived his last 3 years completely blind, he was a lover, a fighter and little champion. He loved cuddles and was the most chill rabbit I ever met. His favourite foods included carrots, oats, dandelion and parsley. He had been unwell on Sunday and our plan if he didn’t improve, was to take him to the vet on Monday morning. He has always improved after a few hours. After a sunny Sunday of cuddles and hanging out with us and friends all day in the garden, in the evening, about 7pm, on our bed, on his favourite blanket, he suddenly squealed and he was gone. He has been a big part of our lives for almost 10 years and will be greatly missed. Binky free little one.

Tofu Tuesday: Vegetables

These adorable beaded vegetables are a gift from my friend Vanessa all the way from Guatemala. Tofu especially approves of the carrot. Vanessa has spent a year volunteering full time in an orphanage in Guatemala and is now wrangling huge spiders and headed to Nicaragua via El Salvador. Vanessa is a rock star. Check out her blog here. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: New desk

We have a new office set-up at home. Instead of one big table, The Koala and I now have a desk each and I love my set-up. Seriously, I get up early each morning so I can sit at my new workspace. It’s the little things. P.S. How many bunnies can you see? Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Aotearama Calendar

Are you looking for a wonderful Christmas gift that is 100% designed and made in New Zealand? Local antipodean store, Pauanesia has released their 2017 calendar titled “Aotearama”. Featuring 12 New Zealand coastal scenes painted by my super talented sister, Joanne Ho. I’m so proud of you sis! My favourite is Karekare Pit Stop, modelled here by Tofu the bunny. My friends and I spent Easter this year at Karekare making great memories and falling up with the wild landscape there. There are many other scenes that will stir up feel-good nostalgic memories and make you want to take a kiwi road trip ASAP. Just in time for summer. $2 from each calendar sold will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines. Calendars are $24.90 each and available online here or at Pauanesia, 35 High Street, Auckland CBD. More info on Joanne Ho A.K.A. Help Birdie can be found on her portfolio site here or on their Facebook page here.   Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Serious

We had the pleasure of trying some of Serious Popcorn’s newest flavour: Coconut and Vanilla. With a light flavour a hint of salt and not too sweet, this is great guilt-free snacking. Co-founder of Stolen Rum (see previous Tofu Tuesday: Stolen edition here), Roger Holmes now peddles organic popcorn in three flavours and cutesy packaging. Serious Popcorn are serious about being organic, non GMO, dairy and gluten free and all ingredients 100% traceable from farm to bag. No rabbits were involved in the serious task of snack tasting. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Asleep in the backyard

We’re getting our roof replaced so during the day, we’re keeping Tofu inside so he’s out of the way of building hazards. After the workday though, when everyone has gone home, Tofu enjoys a snooze in the back yard. I’m pretty sure Tofu the bunny does not consider himself a prey animal, but a master of his domain. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.