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Monday Bunday: Jackalope

A jackalope is a mythical creature, not to be confused with this or this creature. As a fan of bunny things, naturally, jackalope things also make me squeal. Jackalope Glacier Blue Wall Hook and Jackalope Glacier Blue Jewelry Holder by imm Living and available at Pure Home. Both wonderful but I’m loving the wall hook a little more due to the necklace factor and it wouldn’t take up any space on my dresser. I do have a bunny wall hook gifted to me by my sister but I have no place to put my rings. Yes, my rings can be found in a myriad of random places. If only I had a jackalope to guard my jewels. Love bunny things? Check out more editions of Monday Bunday here.

Monday Bunday: Wine-O

Completely predictable in winter, my number one tipple in cold weather is a glass of red. We usually buy screw tops for convenience, but this wine stopper would see some use in our house. “Good fortune is in your design future. Crafted from resin, this whimsical wine stopper is inspired by the Chinese zodiac with a rabbit head on top. Gift to a vino-loving friend, or use to store an open bottle in chic style. Available in black or plum Cork bottom with resin top Made in Canada Ships in 1-2 weeks”  Grab one for yourself for $13 at Pure Home. Love bunny things? Check out more editions of Monday Bunday here.

Monday Bunday: Bunnies In The Office

Like many of you, I spend most of my day at a desk. I think personal touches around your desk are a fact of life. I have a bunny at one desk and a couple of bunnies at my other desk. I have a messy looking pile of paper and a handful of other useful and semi-useful trinkets. I have the cool calendar that The Koala and I designed and it’s filled with the busy scribbles of my life. I never understood companies that prohibit people from personalising their workspace. Desks that are devoid of personality make me suspect that a serial killer resides. Whenever I have to sit another person’s desk, I enjoy seeing pieces of their character in there. You can tell a lot about a person from the thokcha at their desk. If there is nothing, I get that eerie feeling that they have something to hide or have no passions or interests. Like homes that have no personal effects and feel like motels or hotels. Creepy. My rabbit themed office is far …

Monday Bunday: Kitchen Timers

Since we got a new (secondhand) oven, I’ve spent a little bit of time getting to know it. It doesn’t have a built in timer and I also suspect that the thermostat is either out or the oven behaves differently to our previous oven. 1. Apple kitchen timer £3.99 from FenTrader. 2. Bengt Ek Design Rabbit Kitchen Timer £11.99 from Legend Cookshops. 3. Carrot kitchen timer $8 from Seattle Seed Co. 4. Pink dotty egg timer £5.75 from Omlet. 5. Bunny timer for custom print from $4.83 each from Identity Links. 6. Digital rabbit timer $20 for a 12 pack (wholesale) at Daiso Japan. I ended up getting an apple shaped kitchen timer. I couldn’t resist how it would look in our fruit bowl, although the pink polk dot egg would look very sweet nestled in a basket of real eggs.

Monday Bunday: Stars by the door stitching

I positively squealed when I saw Emma Hall’s cuddly stitched bunnies (she also offers bears). I’m head over heels in love with this sock bunny. If I adopted this, we’d be best friends and have matching outfits and spend our time drinking sweet tea and bunny shaped biscuits. How cute is that chubby bunny shape? You can find these and many more at her Etsy shop here:  

Monday Bunday: Ham Made

It was inevitable that someone like me – a ham fanatic – would fall deeply in love with anything bearing the name “HAM MADE”. Jo Robinson – a farmer’s daughter, fine artist and designer from East London is behind the genius of Ham Made and these sweet illustrations are simple but give us a glimpse into a whimsical world. If you ask me, I think the rabbits are quite the thrill seekers, but not in a suicidal bunnies kind of way. “HAM captures unexpected moments from the contented lives of a pig, a horse and a rabbit.” You can purchase Ham Made products directly from their website

Auckland Markets this December

For those living in Auckland, here’s my pick of city side markets where local talent will showing their wares this December. I’ve listed them in date order and the first one starts tonight in St Kevin’s Arcade on K Road and the last one is on the 23rd. Thursday 6 December 2012 First Thursday, St Kevins Arcade, K Road, 6-9pm, Friday 7 December 2012 Silo Markets, Silo Park, 5pm til late, Saturday 8 December 2012 Auckland Art & Craft Fair, Aotea Centre, 11-4pm, Silo Markets, Silo Park, 12-6pm, Mt Eden Village Craft Market, Mt Eden Village Centre, 1-4pm, Friday 14 December 2012 Christmas Markets, Aotea Square, 5-10pm, Silo Markets, Silo Park, 5pm til late, Saturday 15 December 2012 Made & Found Market, St Johns Church, Ponsonby, 1-4pm, Mt Eden Village Craft Market, Mt Eden Village Centre, 1-4pm, Silo Markets, Silo Park, 12-6pm, Christmas Markets, Aotea Square, 5-10pm, Sunday 16 December 2012 Christmas Markets, Aotea Square, 10am-5pm, Last minute rush! Sunday 23 December 2012 Beresford Square X-Mas Fair, 1 Beresford Square, 12pm-6pm, link. …

Voting dollars

Karma points. Call me a superstitious nitwit, but I believe in karma points. Karma is doing good deeds in this live for a better life in the next. But to me, karma points is doing good in this life and reaping the rewards and avoiding bad stuff happening in this life. At the very least, cosmic stuff aside, being a good person attracts other good people into your life. That is tangible. Every dollar you spend is a vote for something in the world. When you spend somewhere you don’t believe in, you’re taking a vote away from something you believe in. Shopping for locally made products is gaining momentum. Buying local made is considered a luxury these days and Christmas comes just once a year. Isn’t that Christmas a luxury? I can’t say I’m going 100% local this year, but I’m sending some of my votes that way. Shopping early and buying local makes me less stressed. Even if you don’t believe in karma, avoiding stress is easy to justify. Buy from Christchurch If …

First Thursday: December Special

If you are not prone to bouts of art and craft and making presents this Christmas, the next best thing is to support other crafty people in your local by buying their wonderful, whimsical treasures. Every dollar you spend is an upvote. This December, will you vote for malls, international chains and production-line-made goods? Shopping locally means that you put your money directly into the pockets of your neighbors and peers to help them have a good Christmas this year. Buying locally can means that money will be spent locally too. Buying out of our own backyards is good for you and your neighbors. First Thursday is on this Thursday in Auckland all around K Road in the city. So if you want to splurge on some unique gifts that are not mass produced, head along from 6pm for a gander. As well as the amazing craft market, there will be breakdancing, burlesque, crafts, live music, swing dancing, live painting, kissing booths, art installations, film screenings, workshops, sustainability talks, bike tours, fashion shows and body …

Monday Bunday: Rabbit Vase

The possibilities for this rabbit ears vase are endless. Leaves and long stemmed flowers would be obvious choices, but feathers, bunches of twigs, straw and even lollipops would also work. These vases come in colours, but I think the white or black would be my picks. More info on this vase at Japanese company Furnish:

Monday Bunday: Lunch boxes

I’m bringing lunch to work more these days. Sandwiches at the start of the week (with roast meat left over from Sunday), leftovers and a hodgepodge of assembled lunches on other days. If I was busy at work, I would treat myself to a nice lunch out. It was an excuse to get out of the office, see some daylight, go for a walk and sample some delicious local cuisine. If I buy lunch, I usually spend an average of $7NZ which soon adds up. I used to buy lunch most days, but Last week I brought a home made lunch every single day and the last few weeks before, I’ve been buying only once a week. I’m always recycling plastic take-out containers, but if I had an adorable lunch box I would be more enthusiastic about bringing lunch. Here is a round up of a few bunny lunch boxes from around the web. I particularly like the ones wit partitions and multi-storey compartments. Links starting from top: Rectangle black and red, Rectangle purple Box …

Monday Bunday: Cat Rabbit makes me yook-gun

There is a phrase in Cantonese that we don’t have in English, called yook-gun which literally translates to meat tight. It refers to the feeling you get when you see something so adorable or whimsical and your muscles tense up and you get super aggressive. A great example of this is in the animated movie Despicable Me when Agnes gets her unicorn toy. It’s soooo fluffy I’m going to DIE!!! Cat Rabbit makes me yook-gun. Cat Rabbit turns me into Agnes. I am in love with these hipster rabbits. Look at their spectacles. Look at their eye capsules. Look at their indignant little mouths. Look at their pulled up socks. Look at their collars and bow ties and scarves and capes. The detail makes me want to burst into tears. They are the best in the world and it physically breaks my heart to look at these too long. Melbourne based textile-artist Cat-Rabbit has an amazing collection of plush personalities (not just rabbits). Please check out her website for more fantastic beings. She also sells her toys …