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Tofu Tuesday: Aotearama Calendar

Are you looking for a wonderful Christmas gift that is 100% designed and made in New Zealand? Local antipodean store, Pauanesia has released their 2017 calendar titled “Aotearama”. Featuring 12 New Zealand coastal scenes painted by my super talented sister, Joanne Ho. I’m so proud of you sis! My favourite is Karekare Pit Stop, modelled here by Tofu the bunny. My friends and I spent Easter this year at Karekare making great memories and falling up with the wild landscape there. There are many other scenes that will stir up feel-good nostalgic memories and make you want to take a kiwi road trip ASAP. Just in time for summer. $2 from each calendar sold will be donated to Sustainable Coastlines. Calendars are $24.90 each and available online here or at Pauanesia, 35 High Street, Auckland CBD. More info on Joanne Ho A.K.A. Help Birdie can be found on her portfolio site here or on their Facebook page here.   Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Helo Birdie Giveaway

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored. My sister Joanne Ho who paints under the name Helo Birdie, had a solo exhibition a couple of weeks ago at Mea Culpa in Ponsonby. The turn out was great and while her painting style has evolved considerably since her last show, there are still some food themes going on there.

Monday Bunday: Lepus Australis

An old friend of mine living in Australia  shared news of this recent exhibition with me. Kind of a amazing and mind blowing if you like rabbits and art. I dunno, maybe you get a rabbity-arty vibe off me? Lepus Australis was an art exhibition celebrating domestic bunnies in Australia. 1000 origami bunnies was showcased along with art from 40 Australian artists at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne. All those origimi rabbits. I kind of wish I had thought of origami rabbits for our wedding. That would have been way cooler than the lame origami cranes I folded for months. “Lepus Australis aims to remember the lives of the beautiful bunnies lost to myxomatosis and highlight the need for a myxo vaccine in Australia.” Please visit their tumblr site for more information including a full list of artists and links.

Monday Bunday: Paintings by Joanne Ho

Some bunny and bunny friend paintings by Auckland artist Joanne Ho. Ok, full disclosure, Joey is my little sister. It’s possible that I’m a little bias, but I love my sister’s paintings. She doesn’t just paint bunnies, but here are some of the bunny highlights plus some non-bunnies at the end of this post. If you like what you see, you should buy her art! Ideal for children of all ages. The Koala and I have been elbow deep helping out for the annual Japanese Art Festival over the weekend. Some amazing pieces shown from Japanese artists and also a handful of kiwi artists. Parp or the farting rabbit is clearly a mythical beast because rabbits don’t fart. I am the proud owner of this painting now. Acrylic on wood. Some of these are still for sale so head over to her Facebook page or her blog for more info or to contact her directly. Here are some of my favourite non-bunny ones too…

Tofu Tuesday: Art

Our home is heaving with art. Really. We have 32 pieces on display in our 1 bedroom home. There’s even 2 paintings in the bathroom. Though we haven’t bought any paintings lately, last weekend I retrieved three of my paintings from a local cafe before they changed owners. Now we have 5 paintings leaned up against walls awaiting wall space. I need at lease one more room to put them up in. If anyone knows an Auckland cafe or business that would like to display some paintings, let me know. p.s. Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday Bunday: Lady Aiko

Tokyo-born, NYC living artist Aiko Nakagawa goes by the name Lady Aiko has a background in graphic design and filmmaking. Her bunny welding a can design has taken on a life of it’s own. I’m loving the Hot Pink Bunny Cans that feature a stencil of the bunny holding a can. Lady Aiko has painted this rabbit on canvases and also out there in the real world (in the streets). Vinyl toy giants Kidrobot have made her bunny into a collectable toy and you can pick it up online for about $40US. You can view Lady Aiko’s work at her website

Monday Bunday: Luke Chueh

Illustrator Luke Chueh doesn’t just draw bunnies. But he certainly has a morbid fascination with them. Luke’s characters have a cuteness about them but also a sinister element. There is a sadness. Luke lives in and works in LA and his background is in graphic design. You can view more of his work (including non-bunnies) over at his website      

Monday Bunday: Jose Ortiz

This illustration by Jose Ortiz for client Linguagraphics makes me smile. Black cats and white rabbits are both recognized for their magical properties. The black cat as a witch’s familiar and the white rabbit as the magicians sidekick. Jose’s slick portofolio has a clean, cool finish and bears the hand of a perfectionist. His work can be found on his website

Sayaka Minemura Breakfast Project

I eat breakfast 2 to 3 times a week. Naughty. I know. I just can’t bear getting up early enough to work up an appetite and also whip up some breakfast. Maybe one of these days I will force myself to do some kind of breakfast project. Sayaka Minemura wakes up on the right side of the bed. Her breakfast series is whimsical proof that she sets herself up for a great day. See more at her Flickr stream: Breakfast Project