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Monday Bunday: Kim Jung Gi

The Koala has been mesmerized by Kim Jung Gi the savant-like illustrator. Now I am too. His grasp of plotting, perspective and proportion is phenomenal. Watch him draw this epic battle of the giant rabbits in the video below. More of his work over on his website p.s. Today also happens to be The Koala’s birthday and we are taking a much needed day off. Happy birthday love!

2014 Manifesto

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a clean slate. New Years celebrations has always been a big deal to me. It doesn’t matter where or what I do to mark the occasion, as long as I mark the occasion. In 2012 I wrote this list of More and Less. Five things to do more of and Five things to do less of. Kind of a New Year’s resolution without the strict goal setting or bucket list stress. This year, I’m calling it my manifesto. A declaration of motives to live by for 2014. Maybe you see things on this list that you hope to do more or less of too. Do you have any things in 2014 that you hope to see more or less of?

Monday Bunday: Wild Side Cider

This bunny illustration for Wild Side Cider (Strawberry and Lime)  is by Auckland-based illustrator Galima Akhmetzyanova for creative agency BARNES, CATMUR & FRIENDS. In this series there are other flavours with their own creatures but I bet the bunny labelled strawberry and lime cider tastes the best. You can see more of Galima’s work at her Behance page here or her Cargo Collective page here. “The rugged landscape of Central Otago makes it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of wild fruit. Unfortunately it’s also a breeding ground for wild rabbits, and if there’s one thing that breeds like rabbits, it’s rabbits. Famous for terrorising motorists and annoying farmers, they’re also keen strawberry pickers. We are too, so we put them in our cider.”

Beetroot Wee, Evil Lobsters and TV sluts

  One of my favourite Auckland bloggers Kara La La La recently posted a list of the search terms that people were using to get to her site. So here I am, copying her because it’s an amusing excercise. Welcome to all you random and wonderful people and I hope that even if you don’t quite find what you were looking for, you find something else that might tickle your fancy. How you got here: beetroot wee evil lobsters mononoke porn what does spaghetti mean for the end of world scallops for breakfast best vietnam porn making a rabbit eat coffee beans how do they make hundreds and thousands sprinkles hungry ketchup font how to draw bangers and mash guacamole bunny rabbit dressed up as a ghost why do new zealanders love pies image woman eating fondue tv sluts  WTF guys? Sick picture of a tiger eating a rabbit

Buddha Bunny Brainwaves #3

I’ve been thinking a lot about beautiful souls a lot lately. A beautiful soul is a person who shines from within and gives colourful depth to everyone they meet. You know the kind. You hear about their deeds through other people and it makes you go “Awwwww…”. I bet I could sort everyone I’ve ever met into 3 categories: Love, Don’t Love, OK. The ones that I love, even if I’ve only spent a fleeting moment with them are what I consider to be beautiful souls. I wish all the beautiful souls I’ve met, know how beautiful they are. Read other Buddha Bunny Brainwaves here.

Monday Bunday: Roby Dwi Antono

Roby Dwi Antono is a talented illustrator from Indonesia. I feel like I’m looking into the twisted mind of an evil, lagomorph loving genius when I view his work. Roby’s work has been compared to well-know American painter Mark Ryden. Same style, different subject matter. Roby digs bunnies, Mark digs creepy girls. You can view more of his fantastical and macabre artworks at his website Lobilob.

Monday Bunday: Luke Chueh

Illustrator Luke Chueh doesn’t just draw bunnies. But he certainly has a morbid fascination with them. Luke’s characters have a cuteness about them but also a sinister element. There is a sadness. Luke lives in and works in LA and his background is in graphic design. You can view more of his work (including non-bunnies) over at his website