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Monday Bunday: Wild Side Cider




This bunny illustration for Wild Side Cider (Strawberry and Lime)  is by Auckland-based illustrator Galima Akhmetzyanova for creative agency BARNES, CATMUR & FRIENDS.

In this series there are other flavours with their own creatures but I bet the bunny labelled strawberry and lime cider tastes the best. You can see more of Galima’s work at her Behance page here or her Cargo Collective page here.

“The rugged landscape of Central Otago makes it the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of wild fruit. Unfortunately it’s also a breeding ground for wild rabbits, and if there’s one thing that breeds like rabbits, it’s rabbits. Famous for terrorising motorists and annoying farmers, they’re also keen strawberry pickers. We are too, so we put them in our cider.”


  1. What a cute little story 🙂 My buns don’t like strawberries – weirdos. Of course they like the more expensive berries. My homemade ginger beer exploded 😦 We are on take 2 tonight!

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