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Monday Bunday: Kumiko and Bunzo

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter by brothers David Zellner and Nathan Zellner and starring Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim, Babel) is a movie that is currently being released in cinemas in the US. It did the film festival circuits last year and showed at Auckland’s Academy Cinema in July 2014 as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival. Kumiko is an office worker from Tokyo with a pet bunny named Bunzo. After finding a copy of the film Fargo on VHS, she says goodbye to Bunzo and heads to Minnesota to find the treasure she believes to be buried there. Here are a few shots of Kumiko and Bunzo. The poster below is from Amplify and designed by Sam Smith (Sam’s Myth). You can purchase a signed and numbered (100) poster for $95 from Posteritati. Check out an indepth explanation of the scene by The New York Times, Anatomy Of A Scene. For more information about Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, please check out the movie website here.

Monday Bunday: Oma Rapeti

Starting this Friday at the Haus of Flox Showrooms at 13 Great North Road, Michel Tuffery, Flox and invited guest artists will be showing an Auckland version of the Oma Rapeti exhibition. “Oma rapeti” means “run rabbit” and any kiwi will fondly remember the song we sung as kids. The exhibition began at Pataka Gallery in Porirua and is traveling to various locations around New Zealand. More info here: and here: Here are a few pieces from the show.

Tofu Tuesday: Pietje’s Cupboard

Tofu the bunny posing with a rabbit and toadstool in a jar from Pietje’s Cupboard. Pietje’s is pronounced “peaches” and are all about whimsical woodland goodies with toadstools and furry friends. Check out more of Pietje’s Cupboard’s work, including moose, unicorns, foxes, deer and racoons here on their Facebook page. The Koala and I attended the Auckland Fair in December last year to buy some Christmas gifts (for other people). We accidentally came home with this rabbit for ourselves. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Monday Bunday: Air New Zealand Tortoise and Hare Video

For an airline for a tiny country like New Zealand, Air New Zealand sure do get their branding right. From their their many humorous, sexy, or epic safety videos, to their award winning, left of centre uniforms, they might take time to grow on you or you might like them instantly. Here is Air New Zealand’s brand spanking new commercial called The Tortoise and the Hare. Featuring a tortoise, a hare, a red fox in red heels, mountain biking, a cheese board, a chopper and all shot in the beautiful scenery around Wanaka, New Zealand. The Koala and I did a little road trip around this area two years ago. Check out my write up on it here.

Monday Bundy: Needle & I Design

Local creative crafter Lauren Butler is responsible for Needle & I whose blog I have followed for some time. She is also an avid foodie, a great home cook and LOVES to photograph food. Please check out her blog here or her Instagram here. Here are a few pics of some bunny-related Needle & I designs. Her range of cushions, garlands, mobiles and bedding use high quality natural fabrics like linens, cottons, silks, and boiled wools and are available at stockists such as Father Rabbit and Nature Baby.     Click here to see more editions of Monday Bunday.

Monday Bunday: The White Rabbit

Monday Bunday went on holiday last week, I don’t know if anyone noticed but today I present a double whammy Monday Bunday rolled into a restaurant review. I recently joined the NZ-based bloggers group #brunchclub. Here, bloggers can network, share tips and advice on all things blog related and of course, meet regularly for brunch. On Saturday, I attended my very first#brunchclub meetup. I was super excited not only to meet local bloggers (some who I have followed for a while) but also because it was at a newish cafe/bar/restaurant called The White Rabbit. This week’s Monday Bunday is a review this visit. History of the space The White Rabbit is in downtown Auckland on the corner of Customs Street and Gore Street, where the slightly dingy pub Rose & Crown and later Britomart Brewery used to be. The building, originally known as Hotel Britomart was established in 1864, just a year before Lewis Carroll published Alice in Wonderland. Painted white and fitted out in Scandinavian inspired light fittings, the space is light, bright and very white. …

Monday Bunday: Rabbit With Mask – Exclusive Interview

  The Koala recently pointed me to a Chinese artist named Shae Syu whose portfolio titled Rabbit With Mask recently met a cult following on the web. Shae is an artist from Taiwan who draws and paints amazing rabbit related pieces.   Here is a small selection of her works. You can see these and more over on her portfolio here or on her Facebook page here.  I caught up with Shae over the summer to ask her some pressing questions. Who is your favourite artist? Beatrix Potter. What inspires your work? I like the creativity of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.  Beatrix Potter has made the rabbit very interesting and real, making the reader feel warm and happy, also her style is very unique and there is a lot for me to learn from her. What is your art/design training? I have been interested in painting (and drawing) since I was little.  Before high school, I started by drawing things that I like, mostly animals and people. I studied art and design in high school, …

Monday Bunday: Bobo Pot Mat

This pot mat is made of MDF and features a close up of a bunny face. If you don’t want to use it as a trivet, you could always use it as a platter as pictured. Designed by Elisabeth Dunker at Fine Little Day. Get it here. Elisabeth is from Sweden and has a background in graphic design, illustration, interior styling and TV photography. She enjoys second hand shopping, whimsy and collecting and curating her finds. Check out her Instagram over here. Click here to see more editions of Monday Bunday.

Monday Bunday: Snow bunny YDA

This goes out to those in the heart of winter. This poster for the Young Director Award 2008 is quite simple. I’m loving the contrast in size between the boy and the bunny. Sometimes we all take on big projects. It doesn’t look like much until it’s done. Advertising Agency: TBWA/PHS, Helsinki Creative Director:  Zoubida Benkhellat/Minna Lavola Art Directors: Minna Lavola Copywriter: Markku Ronkko         Click here to see more editions of Monday Bunday.

Monday Bunday: Flappie

Flappie the bunny gets a Christmas surprise. A Dutch commercial. The beginning of the video looks grim but it has a happy ending!   From Wiki: Flappie is the name of a Dutch Christmas song written by comedian Youp van ‘t Hek in 1985 The song describes Youp’s remembering Christmas morning of 1961…He looked in his rabbit cage, only to find that his pet rabbit Flappie was missing. He went to his mother to ask for help looking for the rabbit, and his mother told him that he’d have to wait for his father, who was busy in the shed. However, if Youp goes off to play, he’ll get a treat later.  Youp feels incredibly guilty about his pet rabbit – he could have sworn that he locked the gate, and now his thoughts were that his poor rabbit had frozen overnight in the snow. His father eventually comes to help look for Flappie in the woods and by the lake, but there’s no sign of the rabbit. During the meal on that fateful Christmas Day, …

Monday Bunday: White Rabbit Gallery Christmas Card

Danling Xiao and Sceroz Chan are responsible for this Christmas card for White Rabbit Gallery. I love how they have used blue and red rather than the traditional green and red combo. I particularly like the rabbit having a lie down next to the table. Both The Koala and I like to do this when we’ve eaten a bit too much, although The Koala prefers face down and I prefer face up. Danling is a print designer working out of Sydney, Australia but she has roots in Hong Kong, while Sceroz Chan is based in Hong Kong. Together they are The Flying Room, an online design store full of fun and whimsy. Graphic designing/illustrating Chinese girls that like whimsical stuff? Where do I sign up? You can view this card and more of Danling Xiao’s work over on Cargo Collective here or even more work on her Behance page  here. You can view Sceroz Chan’s work over here on her Behance page.     Click here to see more editions of Monday Bunday.