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Monday Bunday: Rabbit With Mask – Exclusive Interview


Alphonse Mucha’s Byzantine Head – The Blonde by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu


The Koala recently pointed me to a Chinese artist named Shae Syu whose portfolio titled Rabbit With Mask recently met a cult following on the web.

Shae is an artist from Taiwan who draws and paints amazing rabbit related pieces.


Edvard Munch’s The Scream by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu


Here is a small selection of her works. You can see these and more over on her portfolio here or on her Facebook page here

Hook by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

I caught up with Shae over the summer to ask her some pressing questions.

Who is your favourite artist?

Beatrix Potter.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Little Irene by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

What inspires your work?

I like the creativity of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”.  Beatrix Potter has made the rabbit very interesting and real, making the reader feel warm and happy, also her style is very unique and there is a lot for me to learn from her.

Jan Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

What is your art/design training?

I have been interested in painting (and drawing) since I was little.  Before high school, I started by drawing things that I like, mostly animals and people.

Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper by Rabbit With Mask/Shae

I studied art and design in high school, when I started proper training in arts.

Michelangelo’s Genesis by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

What is your creative process?

I mainly draw bunnies. My creative ideas usually come suddenly, I have pens and paper ready, to start with drawing bunnies: ears, eyes, mouth….later comes the complete drawing. Or I could be looking at bunny photos, and imagine bunny actions, their costumes and background.

Alice in Wonderland by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

Previously, I illustrated a series of bunnies and entered to the world creative drawing and since then I have done a series of children’s books.

Big Red Riding Hood by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

What are you working on?

My newborn is almost five months, so I am looking after baby full time. I do a little bit of part time creative work.

Vincent van Gogh’s The Bedroom at Arles by Rabbit With Mask/Shae Syu

Do you have a pet rabbit? If yes, what is its name?

Yes, our rabbit is called “Little Fish”, because my husband nick name is “Circle Fish”.

Little Fish the bunny


Little Fish the bunny

What is your favourite food?

Chocolate biscuits and sushi.
So there you have it. Interview by fellow designer/illustrator who is inspired by her pet bunny. Special thanks to my Mum for translating questions and answers.
Image copyright Shae Syu/Rabbit With Mask. Images reposted with permission.
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    • When I saw Shae’s work, I thought no way does this lady draw this many bunnies without a muse. My hunch was right. Little Fish is a great muse 🙂

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