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Celebrating VD

The freakiest, exotic and un-romantic meal I’ve eaten with The Koala was in Vietnam. At a restaurant where such things happen, The Koala killed a snake and I swallowed it’s raw heart in a shot of vodka. Then we proceeded to eat the rest of the snake over 8 courses cooked by professionals. Supposedly an aphrodisiac, but after we washed down our snake soup shots of Hanoi vodka, we were feeling more sloshed than sexy. Our love is a rom-com.

With that in mind, there is world of sexier feasts out there and this coming Tuesday could be a day to eat them. Caviar, oyster and chocolate sellers must look forward to this day. Even if these foods don’t actually get the juices stirring, the purpose is people want to think they’re getting into the mood. The whole aphrodisiac thing is more about rituals than medicine.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, and because it is red and has a cool name, I leave you with a recipe for Virgin Bloody Mary Shooters. No need for our guests to go home drunk on a schoolnight. You can make the garnishes in advance, but I would recommend combining and assembling these at the last minute.

Virgin Bloody Mary Shooters

Makes about 10 shots or 6 shooters

2 cups tomato juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of hot sauce
A pinch of celery salt (optional)
A pinch of salt (add to taste)
A pinch of pepper (add to taste)
Ice cubes

Garnish ideas:
Sticks: Celery, carrot, cucumber
Things on a toothpick: Cherry tomato, stuffed olive, prawn, gherkin (pickle), caperberry, radish, cocktail onion, avocado, edamame
Citrus wedge: Lemon, lime


  1. You will have to do this in 2 batches: In a shaker, combine all the ingredients except for the garnish.
  2. Shake with ice and strain into shotglasses.
  3. Garnish with a stick of some description and a wedge of citrus.

Celebrating VD

Isn’t it unfortunate that VD also stands for venereal disease? I’ve decided to celebrate the day with those of my friends that don’t already have a hot date lined up. We’re hosting a red-themed pot luck dinner. Luckily, there are loads of red foods and drinks to pick from. The world is our oyster!

* Bunny illustration drawn me for the gooey occasion. Love isn’t all kissy eyes and laughing you know.


  1. Indie says

    Wow! Please tell me where in Vietnam you did that!? Sounds so exciting. We didn’t encounter anything of the sort, though we did self barbecue some crocodile and snake meat in Cambodia. Raw heart, though!

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      There is an area called Le Mat – a taxi ride away from where we stayed in Hanoi, Vietnam. Although there are probably other places in Vietnam that offer live snake. You can just ask at your hotel. Taxis are very cheap and drivers prefer to wait outside for you than to leave you stranded.

  2. I saw that on TV! I think it was some cooking/travel show! I don’t think I could do it. Or if I did, I would have to be sloppy drunk.

    I have also always thought how ironic it was that VD also stands for Valentine’s Day. I particularly enjoy wishing my friend Happy VD!!!!!!!

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Happy VD to you too! Maybe I’ve seen too many cooking/travel shows too. I didn’t think it was so adventurous but it sounds impressive. I had eaten heart, snake and raw meat before this experience so logically, it shouldn’t be too wild to combine all 3. If you ever go to a snake restaurant, there are kids running around and other people partaking and they restaurant itself was really lovely. It doesn’t feel like Man vs Wild or anything.

        • Bunny Eats Design says

          Maybe Fear Factor too? I’m sure some people would eat a snake’s heart for money. Instead, we spent money to do it.

    • Bunny Eats Design says

      Hi Eva, we ended up downing the entire bottle. Though the heart is tiny and with any vodka shot, you don’t savour it, you shoot it. But I don’t think it’s something I could convince anyone else to do. You either want to try it or you don’t.

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