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Monday Bunday: Jermaine Rogers

Choices US artist Jermaine Rogers has just released a new vinyl figure of a knife-weilding rabbit titled “Choices”. “This 8 inch vinyl figure strikes an alert pose, wide-eyed and aware. Our little bunny must make an important choice…and he holds the instrument to carry out his decision. What bunny’s choice is and what the implications of his decision will be is for you to decide. ‘Choices’ (regular edition) figure is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.” The Koala and I have quite a collection of rabbit shaped vinyl toys already, but I want this one so bad!

Helo Birdie Giveaway

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored. My sister Joanne Ho who paints under the name Helo Birdie, had a solo exhibition a couple of weeks ago at Mea Culpa in Ponsonby. The turn out was great and while her painting style has evolved considerably since her last show, there are still some food themes going on there.

Monday Bunday: Rabbits Love Scarves

This very sweet scarf-wearing rabbit illustration is by Donna McKenzie. She sells her prints on Etsy and you can see this image and more on her website: I love how suddenly regal or gentlemanly this rabbit looks. I’ve been wearing a scarf most days, I hope I look this fancy. Tofu the bunny doesn’t wear a scarf, he has a nice fluffy dewlap the doubles as a scarf. Hope you are keeping warm this winter! The winter solstice happened upon us over the weekend and I’m very much looking forward to longer days. Walking to work in the dark feels so wrong.

Monday Bunday: Kim Jung Gi

The Koala has been mesmerized by Kim Jung Gi the savant-like illustrator. Now I am too. His grasp of plotting, perspective and proportion is phenomenal. Watch him draw this epic battle of the giant rabbits in the video below. More of his work over on his website p.s. Today also happens to be The Koala’s birthday and we are taking a much needed day off. Happy birthday love!

Monday Bunday: Vegans “Manatees ‘n Bunnies”

I’ve blogged about husband and wife duo Kozyndan (made up of Kozy and Dan) way back in 2009 but more recently they created a piece called Vegans: Manatees ‘n Bunnies. The Koala has been referred to as a sea cow on more than one occasion so this piece is really special to me. It boggles my mind that this has been done before. It’s quite a niche. View this and more over on their Behance page here. p.s. Tofu is undergoing surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Monday Bunday: Foodie Bunnies

  Hope you are having a great Easter! Today’s Monday Bunday is a real treat found via Pinterest. But try as I may, I cannot find any information on the original artist. How sweet are these foodie bunnies? The artist has expertly captured a specific type of bunny. I love the downturned mouths, short ears and compact shape and I can tell that the artist loves bunnies and food very much. I don’t know if these were posed and drawn from life or fictional scenes but I wouldn’t let Tofu the bunny within a metre of a whole croissant. He loves baked goods and would gobble it up without batting a third eyelid. I still remember one Easter when he stole a hot cross bun from my handbag. If you thought that rabbits couldn’t commit a crime, I can assure you, if there are baked goods involved, they are ruthless. If you recognise the these illustrations or better still, if you are the artist please comment below. Back to work tomorrow. Le sigh.

Monday Bunday: Roby Dwi Antono

Roby Dwi Antono is a talented illustrator from Indonesia. I feel like I’m looking into the twisted mind of an evil, lagomorph loving genius when I view his work. Roby’s work has been compared to well-know American painter Mark Ryden. Same style, different subject matter. Roby digs bunnies, Mark digs creepy girls. You can view more of his fantastical and macabre artworks at his website Lobilob.

Celebrating VD

The freakiest, exotic and un-romantic meal I’ve eaten with The Koala was in Vietnam. At a restaurant where such things happen, The Koala killed a snake and I swallowed it’s raw heart in a shot of vodka. Then we proceeded to eat the rest of the snake over 8 courses cooked by professionals. Supposedly an aphrodisiac, but after we washed down our snake soup shots of Hanoi vodka, we were feeling more sloshed than sexy. Our love is a rom-com. With that in mind, there is world of sexier feasts out there and this coming Tuesday could be a day to eat them. Caviar, oyster and chocolate sellers must look forward to this day. Even if these foods don’t actually get the juices stirring, the purpose is people want to think they’re getting into the mood. The whole aphrodisiac thing is more about rituals than medicine. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, and because it is red and has a cool name, I leave you with a recipe for Virgin Bloody Mary Shooters. No …

Monday Bunday: Goodbye to the year of the Rabbit

Gong Hei Faht Choy! It is Chinese New Year today which marks the end of the year of the rabbit. I’ve enjoyed seeing rabbits celebrated this past year and this time last year was spent in various asian countries. For me, seeing cities all jazzed up in rabbit decorations was better than Christmas. This year is the year of the Dragon. I hope you had a relaxing rabbit year, because this coming year could be engergised and dramatic. Here’s a drawing I did a few years ago called Bo Bo and the Pet Dragon. It seems relevent today. So happy Chinese New Year to all of you and if you can, check if there are any celebrations in your area. Have a good one!

Monday Bunday: Lucha Rabbit by Theodoru

This Lucha Rabbit 3d poster makes my heart squeak. Theodoru Illustration clearly devours and creates all things cool, funky and vinyl and more of his work can be found on his website Working in Vienna, Austria, Teodoru takes bold, bright elements from various familiar graphics like  Mexican lucha libre. His work makes me think of a childhood cartoon on acid. Here are some more bunny inspired pieces by Theodoru. Part fish, part bunny.

Monday Bunday: Silly Pink Bunnies

Jeremy Fish ( draws awesome bunnies. He has also contributed in the art scavenger hunt in London in conjunction with Juxtapoz Magazine and Absolut Vodka. If I were in London, I would be scavenging for this signed piece. Isn’t it divine? Watch the trailer for the whole project here. (Is it still called a trailer if it’s not for a film?)

An Inkling

The latest buzz around the design and illustration forums and sites is the upcoming release of the Wacom Inkling. With this teched up pen and receiver, all your drawings on paper are recorded to later be plugged by usb into your computer. You can record drawings in layers as well as outputting them to vector. This is great for those that are used to drawing with ball point pen, but those who are addicted to pencil (and eraser) might find this hard to work with. I suppose the next step up from this pen is a pencil with an eraser end that records both drawing and erasing. I’m totally looking forward to its release this or next month.