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Monday Bunday: Goodbye to the year of the Rabbit

Gong Hei Faht Choy!

It is Chinese New Year today which marks the end of the year of the rabbit. I’ve enjoyed seeing rabbits celebrated this past year and this time last year was spent in various asian countries. For me, seeing cities all jazzed up in rabbit decorations was better than Christmas.

This year is the year of the Dragon. I hope you had a relaxing rabbit year, because this coming year could be engergised and dramatic.

Here’s a drawing I did a few years ago called Bo Bo and the Pet Dragon. It seems relevent today.

So happy Chinese New Year to all of you and if you can, check if there are any celebrations in your area. Have a good one!


  1. You are too cute!! Kung Hei Fat Choi Genie. Wishing you health, deliciousness and happy bunny times in the year of the dragon 🙂 Bo bo looks fierce: could totally take on a dragon. Were you perchance born in the year of the rabbit? I’m a rat. Not so cute.

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