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2014 Manifesto

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a clean slate. New Years celebrations has always been a big deal to me. It doesn’t matter where or what I do to mark the occasion, as long as I mark the occasion. In 2012 I wrote this list of More and Less. Five things to do more of and Five things to do less of. Kind of a New Year’s resolution without the strict goal setting or bucket list stress. This year, I’m calling it my manifesto. A declaration of motives to live by for 2014. Maybe you see things on this list that you hope to do more or less of too. Do you have any things in 2014 that you hope to see more or less of?

Beetroot Wee, Evil Lobsters and TV sluts

  One of my favourite Auckland bloggers Kara La La La recently posted a list of the search terms that people were using to get to her site. So here I am, copying her because it’s an amusing excercise. Welcome to all you random and wonderful people and I hope that even if you don’t quite find what you were looking for, you find something else that might tickle your fancy. How you got here: beetroot wee evil lobsters mononoke porn what does spaghetti mean for the end of world scallops for breakfast best vietnam porn making a rabbit eat coffee beans how do they make hundreds and thousands sprinkles hungry ketchup font how to draw bangers and mash guacamole bunny rabbit dressed up as a ghost why do new zealanders love pies image woman eating fondue tv sluts  WTF guys? Sick picture of a tiger eating a rabbit

Buddha Bunny Brainwaves #3

I’ve been thinking a lot about beautiful souls a lot lately. A beautiful soul is a person who shines from within and gives colourful depth to everyone they meet. You know the kind. You hear about their deeds through other people and it makes you go “Awwwww…”. I bet I could sort everyone I’ve ever met into 3 categories: Love, Don’t Love, OK. The ones that I love, even if I’ve only spent a fleeting moment with them are what I consider to be beautiful souls. I wish all the beautiful souls I’ve met, know how beautiful they are. Read other Buddha Bunny Brainwaves here.


A mutual joy of beloved but curious foods. Finding common ground in love of unusual foods is a pastime of mine. This afternoon, on separate occasions, I related the loveliness of smoked eel with someone and later with someone else, the magnificence of good quality anchovies. I get such a buzz seeing the delight in someone else’s eyes as we share our taste for something unusual. What unusual food do you love that doesn’t get talked about enough? Let’s talk!

Celebrating VD

The freakiest, exotic and un-romantic meal I’ve eaten with The Koala was in Vietnam. At a restaurant where such things happen, The Koala killed a snake and I swallowed it’s raw heart in a shot of vodka. Then we proceeded to eat the rest of the snake over 8 courses cooked by professionals. Supposedly an aphrodisiac, but after we washed down our snake soup shots of Hanoi vodka, we were feeling more sloshed than sexy. Our love is a rom-com. With that in mind, there is world of sexier feasts out there and this coming Tuesday could be a day to eat them. Caviar, oyster and chocolate sellers must look forward to this day. Even if these foods don’t actually get the juices stirring, the purpose is people want to think they’re getting into the mood. The whole aphrodisiac thing is more about rituals than medicine. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, and because it is red and has a cool name, I leave you with a recipe for Virgin Bloody Mary Shooters. No …

Monday Bunday: Goodbye to the year of the Rabbit

Gong Hei Faht Choy! It is Chinese New Year today which marks the end of the year of the rabbit. I’ve enjoyed seeing rabbits celebrated this past year and this time last year was spent in various asian countries. For me, seeing cities all jazzed up in rabbit decorations was better than Christmas. This year is the year of the Dragon. I hope you had a relaxing rabbit year, because this coming year could be engergised and dramatic. Here’s a drawing I did a few years ago called Bo Bo and the Pet Dragon. It seems relevent today. So happy Chinese New Year to all of you and if you can, check if there are any celebrations in your area. Have a good one!


Being a creative person, I often need to do turbo charged brainstorms. I call these brainfarts. I sit and focus, often with The Koala and we nut it out. Top 5 brainfarting tips: Start with a big fresh piece of paper Write down anything that comes to mind (don’t hold anything in) Go wild (you can always reign it in later) The first ideas you have are often too obvious Revisit brainfart sheet later on in the process in case things have changed and ideas that you dismissed earlier can be dismissed.

Moon Duck and Whale

I drew these for my nephews. Lukas just turned 2 and James is brand new. When we went down to Christchurch for Easter, Lukas referred to the baby bump as Moon Duck. I’m not sure if this is what he had in mind, but the idea made me happy. Lukas has a soft toy whale. It’s not your average teddy bear, but he loves it so I drew whale in the ocean We were supposed to fly down as a surprise (party crashers!) but the ash cloud surprised us. I posted these down to them, but would have loved to have seen his face when he worked out what the pictures are of.

Eating our way around the world Christmas

Merry Christmas readers! I hope you are eating well where ever you are in the world. What’s on the menu today? Ham? Turkey? Something completely different? We always have a glazed ham for Christmas, but that’s probably not happening this year. I made a little book to assist me in my quest to eat my way around the world. It’s mostly reference, but plenty of space for notes and drawings too. The bookmarks can be moved to where ever and have little slits so they don’t fall any further down inside the book.

Balloon Stickers and the “Art Park”

The walls around the empty lot at the end of my street are constantly in a state of art, paint over, art, paint over. I really do wonder why they just don’t give up. The painter overs I mean, not the artists. Apparently this area was supposed to be turned into apartments years ago but the company went bust or something because it’s still an empty lot now. People have broken into the space and planted trees and plants, made trails and steps, sculptures and set up old furniture. It needs a little more TLC, but for now, it has a rough charm to it. There are gaping holes in the ground, some filled with shopping trolleys and other debris that find their way into places like these. It’s really an empty lot with potential, but I think of it as the art park. Here are photos of the balloon stickers I drew and stuck up on Friday. Come break my chains come help me out. A bunny and a Bob Marley quote scrawled on the wall. …

Balloon stickers

There was a sheet of label stock lying about in my office so I took a Sharpie to it after lunch. Stuck these stickers up on my walk home around the abandoned lot near the end of my street. Hopefully they brighten someone’s day. If not, at least I get to see them twice a day – on my way to and from work. Hopefully someone leaves another sheet of label stock in my office again sometime. Click image for a slightly larger view.