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Monday Bunday: Avett Bunnies


I’m a fan of the Avett Brothers. I guess it’s odd to me because no one I know ever mentions them so I assume they must either be uncool or a dirty secret. 

Any other closet Avett Brothers fans out there?

While they are known for their music, Scott Avett (one of the two brothers) is an amazing painter who sometimes does his own band artwork but it’s actually a couple of other posters that caught my eye recently.


This LGII Rabbit poster is by Charles Crisler, 27 Design Co. Check out more of Charle’s work here.

avetts flat

….and this hare is by Ken Taylor an illustrator/gig poster artist from Melbourne, Australia. Check out more of Ken’s work here.

Both these posters look to be vector artwork which is a clean, precise way of drawing. It’s particularly good because you can rescale to any size and not lose quality. Something that Photoshop and even those wielding a pencil will struggle with.

I wish someone would pay me to draw supercool rabbits.

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