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Monday Bunday: Oma Rapeti

Starting this Friday at the Haus of Flox Showrooms at 13 Great North Road, Michel Tuffery, Flox and invited guest artists will be showing an Auckland version of the Oma Rapeti exhibition. “Oma rapeti” means “run rabbit” and any kiwi will fondly remember the song we sung as kids. The exhibition began at Pataka Gallery in Porirua and is traveling to various locations around New Zealand. More info here: and here: Here are a few pieces from the show.

Helo Birdie Giveaway

To celebrate 4 years of Bunny Eats Design, I’d like to share a few wonderful things that I’ve gushed about, salivated over and adored. My sister Joanne Ho who paints under the name Helo Birdie, had a solo exhibition a couple of weeks ago at Mea Culpa in Ponsonby. The turn out was great and while her painting style has evolved considerably since her last show, there are still some food themes going on there.

Monday Bunday: Vegans “Manatees ‘n Bunnies”

I’ve blogged about husband and wife duo Kozyndan (made up of Kozy and Dan) way back in 2009 but more recently they created a piece called Vegans: Manatees ‘n Bunnies. The Koala has been referred to as a sea cow on more than one occasion so this piece is really special to me. It boggles my mind that this has been done before. It’s quite a niche. View this and more over on their Behance page here. p.s. Tofu is undergoing surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts.

Monday Bunday: Lepus Australis

An old friend of mine living in Australia  shared news of this recent exhibition with me. Kind of a amazing and mind blowing if you like rabbits and art. I dunno, maybe you get a rabbity-arty vibe off me? Lepus Australis was an art exhibition celebrating domestic bunnies in Australia. 1000 origami bunnies was showcased along with art from 40 Australian artists at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne. All those origimi rabbits. I kind of wish I had thought of origami rabbits for our wedding. That would have been way cooler than the lame origami cranes I folded for months. “Lepus Australis aims to remember the lives of the beautiful bunnies lost to myxomatosis and highlight the need for a myxo vaccine in Australia.” Please visit their tumblr site for more information including a full list of artists and links.

Tofu Tuesday: Mushrooooom!!

It’s hard to practice any sort of self control when you have two art lovers in the house and an entire art festival filled with reasonably priced pieces. We’re not art collectors as such, we just like a lot of cool stuff. Cool being subjective of course. Over the weekend at the Japanese Art Festival, The Koala and I gained five new pieces of art. This is one of them. The Koala saw it first, fell in love with it and I didn’t need much convincing. The frame is made by the artists husband and I love how it has a really rustic feel. Titled Mushrooooom!! by Masmi Sakakibara, I thought it would be fitting to introduce the mushroom artwork to the rabbit with the mushroom coloured features.

Monday Bunday: Paintings by Joanne Ho

Some bunny and bunny friend paintings by Auckland artist Joanne Ho. Ok, full disclosure, Joey is my little sister. It’s possible that I’m a little bias, but I love my sister’s paintings. She doesn’t just paint bunnies, but here are some of the bunny highlights plus some non-bunnies at the end of this post. If you like what you see, you should buy her art! Ideal for children of all ages. The Koala and I have been elbow deep helping out for the annual Japanese Art Festival over the weekend. Some amazing pieces shown from Japanese artists and also a handful of kiwi artists. Parp or the farting rabbit is clearly a mythical beast because rabbits don’t fart. I am the proud owner of this painting now. Acrylic on wood. Some of these are still for sale so head over to her Facebook page or her blog for more info or to contact her directly. Here are some of my favourite non-bunny ones too…

Monday Bunday: Foodie Bunnies

  Hope you are having a great Easter! Today’s Monday Bunday is a real treat found via Pinterest. But try as I may, I cannot find any information on the original artist. How sweet are these foodie bunnies? The artist has expertly captured a specific type of bunny. I love the downturned mouths, short ears and compact shape and I can tell that the artist loves bunnies and food very much. I don’t know if these were posed and drawn from life or fictional scenes but I wouldn’t let Tofu the bunny within a metre of a whole croissant. He loves baked goods and would gobble it up without batting a third eyelid. I still remember one Easter when he stole a hot cross bun from my handbag. If you thought that rabbits couldn’t commit a crime, I can assure you, if there are baked goods involved, they are ruthless. If you recognise the these illustrations or better still, if you are the artist please comment below. Back to work tomorrow. Le sigh.

Monday Bunday: Jose Ortiz

This illustration by Jose Ortiz for client Linguagraphics makes me smile. Black cats and white rabbits are both recognized for their magical properties. The black cat as a witch’s familiar and the white rabbit as the magicians sidekick. Jose’s slick portofolio has a clean, cool finish and bears the hand of a perfectionist. His work can be found on his website

Monday Bunday: Lucha Rabbit by Theodoru

This Lucha Rabbit 3d poster makes my heart squeak. Theodoru Illustration clearly devours and creates all things cool, funky and vinyl and more of his work can be found on his website Working in Vienna, Austria, Teodoru takes bold, bright elements from various familiar graphics like  Mexican lucha libre. His work makes me think of a childhood cartoon on acid. Here are some more bunny inspired pieces by Theodoru. Part fish, part bunny.