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Monday Bunday: Hennessy’s “Wild Rabbit”

The Koala and I have taken a shining to sipping on Hennessy. Drinking it neat is nice and easy and goes down very smooth. I promise that this Wild Rabbit campaign has nothing to do with it. Scout’s honour. “With artfully directed television work by Johnny Green, three separate commercials follow Filipino fighter and congressman Manny Pacquiao, director Martin Scorsese and singer Erykah Badu.” Campaign for Hennessy by Droga5. Some print pieces from thecampaign…

Monday Bunday: Bunny Cologne

An advertisement by Grey in Indonesia for a pet cologne. I suppose the concept is to show that the house bunny has been everywhere in the room. I dunno about pet cologne, Tofu smells like a soft toy usually, but smells like a woolen jumper when he’s been in the rain. I wonder how many variations pet cologne comes in?

Monday Bunday: Silly Pink Bunnies

Jeremy Fish ( draws awesome bunnies. He has also contributed in the art scavenger hunt in London in conjunction with Juxtapoz Magazine and Absolut Vodka. If I were in London, I would be scavenging for this signed piece. Isn’t it divine? Watch the trailer for the whole project here. (Is it still called a trailer if it’s not for a film?)