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Monday Bunday: Bunny Backpack

The Koala and I share a backpack. The Kathmandu backpack came free with my first student bank account, which means it has given a good 12 years of service. It has travelled with me to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Probably due to the countless beach missions, one zipper is calcified. I’m in no rush, but I’ve been on the lookout for a new backpack. Too bad this bag from ASOS is out of stock.    

Monday Bunday: The Goodwinn Collection

J.Crew’s Goodwinn Collection has a smart bunnylicious advertising campaign. Each bag in this range has a different capacity which is measured by bunnies. Choose the perfect size bag for  your bunny requirements. The Goodwinn Purse fits 1 bunny, The Goodwinn Hobo fits 2 bunnies, and The Goodwinn Tote fits 3 bunnies. Never get caught out again. Source Please note, I believe these bags are measured in baby bunnies, an adult male rabbit like Tofu might be the equivalent of a Goodwinn tote. Love bunny things? Check out more editions of Monday Bunday here.

Monday Bunday: Paris House

Oops. So I’ve gone and fallen in love with another New Zealand designer that sells to a wealthy overseas market. I am not a wealthy overseas market, but I was on the hunt for a new wallet and a new bag. Sharon Paris started her company about 6 years ago calls herself an artist, but I beg to differ. She may have a BFA from The University of Auckland, but this is fashion design. The products she puts out in design shops all over the world are made from soft Italian leather, double stitched and are fully lined. It is quality stuff, fetching quality prices. The the that makes the brand interesting are it’s quirky phrases. Not what you would expect from high end luxury items. More reminiscent of bathroom graffiti. Sharon was once heard saying, “Whenever they say it can’t be done, remind them they can make a jellybean that tastes exactly like popcorn.” I think it’s a nice insight to her determination and slightly random, surplus-to-needs brand. No one needs popcorn flavoured jellybeans. …

Monday Bunday: Bunny clutch bags

Warmer weather means I go out more and what better way to celebrate the warmer days and nights of spring that with a cute bunny design clutch bag? Here is a round up of some of my favourites from around the interwebs. There are a lot of tacky, sparkely ones out there which I turn my nose up at. Not surprisingly, seems to have a ton of cute-not-tacky bunny clutch bags. Enchanted Rabbit Clutch by J Carter Handmade on Etsy. A rabbit clutch by Made By Hank on Etsy. The Garden Path Rabbit Clutch by Peep Accessories. Hot Pink Linen Bunny Clutch Purse by Eva Katharina on Etsy. Champagne Pink Clutch Purse with Cottontail Rabbit by Sir Tom on Etsy. Maroon Rabbit Print Clutch Purse by Vashte on Etsy. Silk Lined Black and White Forest Silhouette Kisslock Frame Clutch by BrianaEdelmanDesigns on Etsy.