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Tofu Tuesday: Bunny Years Infographic

I recently saw this rabbit to human years table over on the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry page and was inspired to design an infographic featuring a photo of Tofu. At 7 human years, Tofu the bunny is 57 bunny years. Hopefully, he has some good golden years left in him. This might seem like a strange way to present bunny ages, but you should neuter (or spay) rabbits from 3-4 months old and in bunny years, that’s roughly when they reach puberty at 10-12 years old. Waiting until a rabbit is 1 year old (or 21 bunny years old) before neutering (or spaying) would be irresponsible. Feel free to Pin, repost or distribute this infographic! I am available for infographic work (bunny related or not). Please contact me or check out more of my design work on my Behance page here.  

Tofu Tuesday: 10 tips for looking after a blind rabbit

Uh oh, another surgery So…last week, Tofu’s corneal ulcer went from completely healed to a brand new corneal ulcer followed by a very bad infection. A corneal ulcer is just a fancy word for a scratch on the surface of the eye. With a blind eye that is constantly open, it is prone to things poking in there and scratching the surface which can quickly lead to infection. By quickly, I mean quickly! On Thursday it was decided by the vet he must have his eye removed (enucleation).

All clear!

Live update! Just been to the vet clinic and Tofu has been giving the all clear. His corneal ulcer is completely healed and he can come off antibiotics. Moral of the story, corneal ulcers in rabbits can heal. As long as you get the vet quick enough and are super diligent with antibiotics (4 times a day). Now that Tofu has had 2 corneal ulcers, one in each eye, we’ve had 2 possible outcomes: removal of the severely infected left eye, and complete recovery of the right eye. I know which one I prefer! When we got home, Tofu was treated to a grape and is now enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy this post? Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: A slice of sunshine

Auckland has been experiencing power outages all over the city. Yesterday at work, the power went out in the afternoon so I skipped off home. It’s lovely to be home when I’m supposed to be working, though I still managed to get plenty of work done from home. In the late afternoon, a glorious slice of sunshine passes over our bed. Here is a photo of Tofu enjoying that slice of sunshine while grooming himself. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday. p.s. Tofu’s eye infection is clearing up with use of antibiotics and we’re off to the vet again this morning to check that it’s completely healed. Thanks for all your thoughts this week!

Tofu Tuesday: The Aviator

I wish Tofu wore safety goggles. I took Tofu to the vet yesterday because he has another eye infection. Last time he had an eye infection, it got really bad, really fast and he had to get the eye removed. It was heartbreaking, but the best thing for him. Because Tofu is blind, he brushes up against or bumps into things all the time. This time something scratched his cornea. They flushed and checked out the eye but there was no foreign object in there and the vet seems hopeful it will heal. Please keep Tofu in your thoughts today. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Good Side

Photo taken from Tofu’s “good side”. I keep apologising for the way that Tofu looks at the moment. Our neighbours who share our back yard were happy to see Tofu in the garden again and went down to greet him. I couldn’t help but pipe up a warning. I’m used to the way he looks now but his other side can be a shock if you’re not expecting half a shaved head and stitches in place of an eye. I still think he is the handsomest bunny. And he is king of the house once more. Yesterday he spent all morning on the couch (which was covered in a big puffy blanket). I arranged snacks around him so he wouldn’t have to leave his warm nest for food. I believe the term is morph* whipped. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday. * Lagomorph is to bunnies what felines is to cats.  

Tofu Tuesday: The grass beneath his paws

Thank you for your wishes, Tofu is doing as well after surgery. Today was his final dose of pain meds though he still has another week of antibiotics to go. For the first 2 days after surgery, Tofu stayed in his area of the house, dozing and eating, eating and dozing. He wasn’t eating a lot at the start but his appetite gets stronger each day. Over the last couple of days he did a few extra things that showed he was starting to feel better: He started hanging out in the lounge with us again He jumped up onto the couch for snuggles He enjoyed some time in the backyard He came into the kitchen (at the other end of the house) to beg for treats Tofu hates medicine time and gets feisty as hell but forgives us soon after. The Koala and I are just glad we don’t have to do any more injections. The medicine was thick so the needle was fat. I realised I have had heaps of needles in me, but never poked a needle into …

Tofu Tuesday: Bye Bye Left Eye

Yesterday Tofu had his left eye removed. On Friday evening, I noticed Tofu’s left eye was sealed shut. I freaked out and called the vet immediately and we spent a big chunk of Saturday on standby at the vet clinic. Problems with rabbits escalate very quickly so if you have a pet rabbit and you have any concerns, do not hesitate to see your vet. The clinic was really busy with a bunch of emergencies, but we were also considered urgent by the vet and able to get a diagnosis. Tofu had a corneal ulcer which became severely infected within 24 hours. He probably scratched it or a piece of hay may have poked him in the eye. He already had cataracts in both eyes, so sight wasn’t an issue, but infection is bad news. We were given antibiotics and a follow up visit for Monday. He was super hungry over the weekend and got plenty of snuggles. It was traumatic having force open his red, pus-ridden eye four times a day to administer Chlorsig drops and ointment for infection. He didn’t like us …

Monday Bunday: BOLD

We’re having a very snug Queen’s birthday weekend here in Auckland. On the cotton-tails of Citta’s sleepy rabbit cushion last week, here’s a bunny cushion by another NZer called BOLD. BOLD was born after a DIY lampshade inspired a Hawkes Bay mother to make lampshades for sale and more recently she has branched out to cushions. This very lovely cushion would look great on in our house. Very styley, not too “crazy bunny lady”. Fabric is by Holli Zollinger at Spoonflower.  

Tofu Tuesday: Textiles

It’s a week until winter arrives and we’ve been hit with a sudden cold snap. Heater, dehumidifier and hot water bottles were deployed last night. The last few weeks has seen me stocking up on warm things at Kmart. It’s my new favourite discount store. Most of the time I’m browsing for bargains. Things that look more expensive and well made than their price suggests. It’s kind of a game. I’m on a bit of a geometric kick at the moment which you may have noticed if you follow my Pinterest boards. Above we have Tofu the bunny with black and white geometric scarf and blue tone geometric cushion from Kmart. (Fur coat model’s own)