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Advent Sausage

I admit, I’m not much of a sweet tooth. My fondness for umami has me deemed as a “meat tooth”. So when I saw this design by German ad agency Butter for their client, Koenecke – a sausage company, I laughed out loud for real (while squealing with delight on the inside). Move over boring old Advent Calendar, here comes the Advent Sausage. *ok, it’s actually rather old news, this project won an award in 2008. Why on earth hasn’t this concept taken off?

Eating Borneo #7 – Christmas in the Jungle

Paganakan Dii A short drive from Sandakan airport we found ourselves at the incredible Paganakan Dii. This accommodation set in the jungle of Sepilok is rated number 1 by both Trip Advisor and Travellers Point reviews. This high rating is well deserved and it is considered to be budget accommodation but don’t let the price tag fool you. Discreetly hidden inside a nature park, this place features 3 long houses with dorm style sleeping as well as private duplexes. The food is good, the beers are reasonable and breakfast is included every day. There is a great common area as well as lots of good spots to just hang out. Discreet driveway leading up to Paganakan Dii. Being tourists at the nature park. This bird loved The Koala to bits. View from a sunbathing deck. A lovely morning in the jungle. Dorms. Basic, but clean and comfortable. Windows and doors beside every bunk. View of the jungle from bed. No glass windows, just mosquito netting and slat shutters. Dorm balcony. My sister Joey brushes her teeth …