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All clear!

Live update! Just been to the vet clinic and Tofu has been giving the all clear. His corneal ulcer is completely healed and he can come off antibiotics. Moral of the story, corneal ulcers in rabbits can heal. As long as you get the vet quick enough and are super diligent with antibiotics (4 times a day). Now that Tofu has had 2 corneal ulcers, one in each eye, we’ve had 2 possible outcomes: removal of the severely infected left eye, and complete recovery of the right eye. I know which one I prefer! When we got home, Tofu was treated to a grape and is now enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy this post? Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

Tofu Tuesday: Bye Bye Left Eye

Yesterday Tofu had his left eye removed. On Friday evening, I noticed Tofu’s left eye was sealed shut. I freaked out and called the vet immediately and we spent a big chunk of Saturday on standby at the vet clinic. Problems with rabbits escalate very quickly so if you have a pet rabbit and you have any concerns, do not hesitate to see your vet. The clinic was really busy with a bunch of emergencies, but we were also considered urgent by the vet and able to get a diagnosis. Tofu had a corneal ulcer which became severely infected within 24 hours. He probably scratched it or a piece of hay may have poked him in the eye. He already had cataracts in both eyes, so sight wasn’t an issue, but infection is bad news. We were given antibiotics and a follow up visit for Monday. He was super hungry over the weekend and got plenty of snuggles. It was traumatic having force open his red, pus-ridden eye four times a day to administer Chlorsig drops and ointment for infection. He didn’t like us …