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16. Crave

In celebration of Auckland Restaurant Month, I will be posting 31 quick-fire reviews on 31 restaurants and cafes in the Auckland CBD and city fringe. The atmosphere is… The neighbourly cafe you always wished for. A lofty space with lots of seating areas and local artwork. Edibles planted in front are a nice touch. Come here for… A well deserved brunch by a well-meaning bunch. The most interesting thing on the menu… Black rice risotto Unexpectedly wonderful… Crave’s community ethos and non-profit business practices. I would come back to try… Creamy herbed flat mushrooms on potato cakes Catering to… Everyone. Gluten free and vegetarian dishes clearly marked. Very kid friendly. Expect to spend… $20 per person. Please note, kids flufflies are free. The service is… A bit rushed during busy periods. At the counter only. Avoid if… You don’t like feel-good neighbourhood spots. Oscar the grouch can eat elsewhere. Crave 25 McDonald Street, Morningside Open 7 days

Crave’s Community Paella

There’s nothing that brings together a community than the promise of a good feed. Local cafe Crave had a paella street party yesterday with a 1.2 metre paella pan to feed 200. Crave is right by the Morningside train station and a cool industrial-looking cafe with exhibiting artworks. The decor may look cool, but this is a place you can find a slice of humble pie. Under a Christmas tree there, they currently have a gift drive for the Auckland City Mission. In their words: “We are a cafe with charitable status, all our profits go back into the local community and to global poverty issues.” When we arrived, the paella pan had chicken was cooking in a vivid broth so we relaxed and had a coffee and looked the paintings on display while others enjoyed their BYO. We met some lovely people and there was a great sense of community. It was fun to watch the paella ingredients being added one by one and excitement grew as it looked more and more festive with …