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Monday Bunday: Kitchen Timers

Since we got a new (secondhand) oven, I’ve spent a little bit of time getting to know it. It doesn’t have a built in timer and I also suspect that the thermostat is either out or the oven behaves differently to our previous oven. 1. Apple kitchen timer £3.99 from FenTrader. 2. Bengt Ek Design Rabbit Kitchen Timer £11.99 from Legend Cookshops. 3. Carrot kitchen timer $8 from Seattle Seed Co. 4. Pink dotty egg timer £5.75 from Omlet. 5. Bunny timer for custom print from $4.83 each from Identity Links. 6. Digital rabbit timer $20 for a 12 pack (wholesale) at Daiso Japan. I ended up getting an apple shaped kitchen timer. I couldn’t resist how it would look in our fruit bowl, although the pink polk dot egg would look very sweet nestled in a basket of real eggs.