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Slow cooked whole chook and a Crockpot giveaway

This post was made possible thanks to Crockpot. I am giving away a Crockpot Lift & Serve CHP450 (RRP $159.99). Just complete the entry form at the bottom of this post to enter. Does a whole chicken in a crockpot seem weird to you? It’s not. I promise. Inspired by my new crockpot, I slow cooked a whole chook. The Crockpot Lift & Serve is the largest model in the Crockpot range. If you have a large household or like to meal prep, this one is for you. Its oval design happens to make perfect for cooking a large chicken.  Whole chickens are affordable and shredding means you don’t need carving or  or butcher skills. Just go at the tender cooked chicken with a fork. Easy. One thing I loved about this recipe is that slow cooked chicken is succulent all over. All over! Even the wings. If you’ve ever roasted a chicken, you’ll know the wings are done long before the rest, often resulting in sad, dry wings. Once you have cooked this chicken and you’re …

Family Dinner with Chef Joey

We hadn’t seen the family for over a month – since they left us in Hong Kong and we continued with our travels – and last month was our first meal as a family. My sister Joey was the executive chef for the evening. On the menu were some yummy BBQ pizzas, skewers, pasta salad and a couple of classic Chinese desserts. Skewers: streaky bacon with cheese stuffed mushrooms. Chicken, camembert and cranberry pizza. Pesto pizza. Smoked salmon pizza (with a healthy dollop of sour cream). Mango pudding or Mongoh bodeen. Egg custard tarts or Dahn tart in the background. I had painted my nails yellow… …and The Koala happened to be wearing a yellow shirt. So it was only natural we had to pose with the yellow desserts.