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Out Standing

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Parnell Farmers’ Market celebrated their “Hello Spring” event with face painting, Walnut the clown (making super balloon animal hats), Old Macdonald’s barnyard petting zoo and the main course: Julie Biuso’s Out Standing In Their Fields cooking demo. With 14 books under her belt and a 15th due out next month, Julie wears various foodie hats including writing, radio, television and teaching. I’m a subscriber to just one food magazine and Julie happens to be their food editor. Julie is well known for her accessible style of cooking and Taste magazine is my favourite for that same approach to food. Food shouldn’t be fussy! The first dish, a hot and sour pork salad was zingy and smart. Using asian exotics like lime, palm sugar, coriander, mint and fish sauce it has punchy flavours that bring out the freshness of the produce. Julie’s handy tips:  Use soft brown sugar as a substitute for palm sugar Refrigerate onions to save your eyes Don’t be scared about using fish sauce as a seasoning This …

Farmers’ Market Demos

Zo from Two Spoons recently brought my attention to the farmers’ market cooking demos that are running from 4 September 4th to 23 October in conjunction with the REAL New Zealand Festival. The demos are free. Yes! Free! One of my spring goals is to visit a new farmers market, so the timing is impeccable. There is a competition to be a Market VIP for the day with great prizes including a chance to meet with your local chef. Visit this link to enter. You can visit the schedule on their website or over on Facebook. The Auckland demonstrations are:  15 October 2011 at Parnell Farmers’ Market. (10am – noon) Chef: Julie Biuso   23 October 2011 at Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market. (10am – noon) Chef: David Schofield  More info on Grey Lynn Farmers’ Market can be found here. More info on Parnell Farmers’ Market can be found here.