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#NZbloggers are hosting a weekly blog post challenge. This week’s theme is DAMASK and you can check out other posts on this theme here. This post is about the only item of damask I own. One time when The Koala and I stopped over in Thailand, long before I had this blog, I bought a huge damask tablecloth for no reason that I can tell. I think it was intended as a gift, but I ended up keeping it. Fast forward to a few years later, I realised the tablecloth was double sided and made my food photos look instantly luxurious. I tend to stick to boring old plain white fabric these days to allow my dishes to be the main focus, but there’s something bold and wonderful about the damask.

Dietlind Wolf’s work is swoon-worthy

I’m no food stylist but when you take photos for a blog, you can’t help but look at your food differently. Composition, light, props, colour, texture, shape and white space are some of things I consider when shooting my food. I cringe at the photos I took when this blog started in 2010. But they’ll stay up because they’re a reminder of how far I’ve come. Looking at beautifully styled food is inspirational rather than depressing and my favourite food stylist in the world is Dietlind Wolf who is based in Hamburg, Germany. Her work is truly swoon-worthy. I adore her use of organic shapes, groupings and interesting props from all sorts of places for editorial spreads. Please check out more of her gorgeous displays on her blog Bonus: Check out tomorrow’s post on beautiful, organic and nature inspired dinnerware.