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Freedom Farms giveaway winner

With special thanks to Freedom Farms I am pleased to announce the winner for the Freedom Farms hamper giveaway worth $180. The hamper includes products from the Freedom Farms range including a whole chicken, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, pork roast, bacon, champagne ham, eggs, and chorizo sausages. Drawn by the winner is… **drum roll please!** Rhiannon Baldock Congratulations Rhi! I’m sure you’ll make great use of this yummy prize coming your way. Thank you for all your entries. I loved reading about how you all enjoyed chicken in all it’s versatile deliciousness. To keep up with giveaways and announcements, make sure you follow my Facebook page here.  

Chicken hand pies and a Freedom Farms giveaway

At the beginning of 2016 when bloggers everywhere were sharing their New Year resolutions, I shared my list of 5 things I wanted to do more and less of during 2016. One item on my list was “free range”. Animal welfare is important to me and I eat free range whenever I can. As of this year, I only buy free range pork, chicken and eggs. The good thing is, eating free range has become increasingly affordable and accessible as more consumers demand it. Full disclaimer, I relax this when eating out and would never even mention it if someone were awesome enough to cook for me. There’s a difference between showing integrity and being a dick. I hope free range becomes the norm in our lifetime and maybe one day we don’t have to worry about it at all. Until then, it’s good to keep track of accessible free range products. Freedom Farms is one of NZ’s most trusted free range brands and their streaky bacon (YUM!) is always on my shopping list. When I heard they launched a …

Free farmed vs. Free range

Hellers Free Farmed Streaky Bacon $8.75 for 250g ($35 per kg) Freedom Farms Streaky Bacon $11.70 for 250g ($46 per kg) I bought Hellers the other day instead of Freedom Farms. It was the cheaper choice but I noticed that it was “free farmed” rather than “free range”. So, what’s the difference? I didn’t know, so I did a little investigating… Free farmed: 20% of New Zealand pigs are free farmed. Considered an ethical choice, it is more common in NZ than free range. Free range: 1% of pigs farmed in New Zealand. Pigs have complete free range. The difference is free range pigs are allowed to move freely between paddocks. Free farmed means that pigs are only allowed to move freely within their own paddock. If you are interested in more information including the difference between the farming styles in NZ, visit Pig Farming In NZ here. There are lots of interesting facts about NZ pork including: …None of the pork, bacon or ham you eat  is ever in an individual crate or cage. Only …