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Malthus, Meal A Day

Meet Malthus. Malthus is an aquaponics* unit that is designed for the next generation’s home kitchen. This is a conceptual piece and has a planned production of 100 pieces. It grows 1 portion of salad and 1 portion of fish each day. I love the concept but I wouldn’t enjoy eating the same food every day. You wouldn’t enjoy me blogging about fish and salad every day! Or would you? Maybe I could rename the blog “365 ways with fish and salad”. I could write a cookbook for future generations. But…if you could grow 1 portion a day of any meal, what would it be? More info here at Conceptual Devices. * I’m guessing aquaponics is a portmanteau for aqua+hydroponics.

Georgina Baker’s Family Silver

I had a lovely leisurely lunch with my sister on Sunday. The bacon hash at ThirtyNine is an absolute favourite and it didn’t fail to impress this time. Newspapers, crosswords, coffee. After that, we hit Ponsonby for some serious browsing. Photo taken by my sister. Jewels for Foodies Texan Art Schools stocks Georgina Baker’s work and I was blown away by how something so simple and “every day” could be so beautiful. My favourite were the ornate teaspoon handle earrings and also the spoon pendants. If I didn’t have stretched lobes, I would have snaffled the earrings up in a heartbeat. Buy for youself or your foodie friend. Geogina Baker’s website: Texan Art Schools:

Happy Paddy’s Day!

Traditionally a day to dig out those Irish roots and an excuse for us to have a green themed morning tea at work today. I whipped these babies up for the occasion. Spinach, cheese, spring onion and egg in puff pastry. One was sacrificed for quality control so an uneven 11 will make it to work with me. The Koala wanted to eat one but 11 quiches to feed about 20 people is difficult enough as it is. Similar recipe with bacon can be found here. Speaking of green stuff, we’ve got feijoa, macadamia nuts and a tiny scallopini creeping into our garden.

I have worms

No, not the itchy bum kind. Not the metres long kind growing in my belly so that I can eat the world without the increasing waistline. I’ve got Tiger worms and Blue worms. They are composting worms. I’m going to tend these worms to in return for their “liquid gold” poo juice (or some call it worm wee). From the Wormsrus Worm Bin ad: Great starter worm bin complete with worms , bedding and instructions. Collector base with tap for worm tea. 2 food trays. Bedding. 250gms compost worms including Tiger worms and Blue Worms. Easy set up. Great price. Full after sales service for life with the worm experts , 15 years in the industry. I received the package on Thursday, but didn’t have time to set it up. I hoped that the worms would be ok in their box for another day. Wouldn’t it be awful if I killed our new friends before they even got here? Well, after a Friday afternoon beer, I set this the bin up and I must say, …