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Monday Bunday: Molang

Happy National Potato Day! 19 August is National Potato Day and while “national” refers to USA, the internet makes the world such a small place. Potatoes are tasty, versatile and good for you. Not a week goes by that I don’t eat a potato and today’s Monday Bunday features a potato shaped rabbit who goes by the name Molang. Think of it as Korea’s answer to Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, My Melody and Little Twin Stars…only better. Molang is a small and lovable animal. He’s very curious and a big dreamer. Molang loves to have fun and to give kisses. But what he loves most is to eat strawberries. As soon as Molang catches a whiff of this fruit, its cheeks turn a little pinker and its eyes shine a little brighter. Molang loves strawberries but it also likes to eat everything else. He particularly loves traveling everywhere/around the world to discover new flavours and tastes. Then, Molang likes to share all his lucky finds with his friends. Hmmmm…I love strawberries, eating and travel. Oh my gawd. I …

A Talisman

I have an unexplained obsession. My heart does flip flops. If it’s a bright colour, it makes me happy – like the world is giving me a big cheesy smile. When I see one, I feel like it as a good luck omen. It appeared from nowhere. This week, every morning and every evening, this bright yellow speciman greets me on my walk to and from work. Isn’t she lovely? I don’t drive, but I would love to have a Morris Minor. Bright red preferably. Do you have any random symbol that makes you happy like this?