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Tasty Questions with Niki Bezzant, Healthy Food Guide

  Healthy Food Guide is a small format print magazine with easy and accessible recipes and healthy advice. With so much conflicting and misinformation out there on diets and health, it’s great to see something in print (and online) that is written by qualified industry exports.  Niki Bezzant is the Editor-in-Chief  Healthy Food Guide and she also contributes regularly to newspapers, TV and radio as well as blogs. With 2 cookbooks under her belt, I was excited to pick her brains on all things foodie. Below are her  answers to the tasty questions I cooked up for your enjoyment. Describe your magazine: Healthy Food Guide is about making healthy eating easy and enjoyable. We don’t believe in fads; we do believe in common sense. We do a lot of work so you don’t have to – all you need to do is cook our recipes and enjoy. What is the most popular feature in Healthy Food Guide? Our ‘5pm panic’ quick dinner ideas are always popular. And people often comment about how much they love the back page: ’10 things …

Healthy Food Guide giveaway: Winners

With special thanks to Healthy Food Guide, I am pleased to announce the winners for the 3 x 12 month subscriptions to Healthy Food Guide drawn by The winners are… **drum roll please!** Stephanie G Sarah Peart Anya Truong-George   Congratulations and thanks to all who entered, if you would like to find out more about the Healthy Food Guide and why the’ve been in print for 10 years, visit their website here. To keep up with announcements including giveaways, make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ or Facebook.

Healthy Food Guide – giveaway

Healthy Food Guide is the top selling food magazine here in New Zealand and is currently celebrating it’s 10th birthday. Thanks to Healthy Food Guide, I have 3 x 12 month subscriptions to give away. Competition details at the bottom of this post.   We have a shameful history of demonising foods. Butter, saturated fats, red meat, salt, sugar, seafood, carbs, grains have all been glamourised and shunned. I’ve never professed that this blog was a healthy food blog (and it still isn’t), but food and nutrition are inextricably tangled together. There is so much misinformation and pseudoscience out there both online and in print. Blogs sometimes cite unproven, anecdotal information without real science to back it up. There is no-one fact checking blogs and with cases coming out like Belle Gibson and The Whole Pantry, it is clear that self regulation does not work. That’s why it is comforting to have experts such as the Healthy Food Guide here in New Zealand. Niki Bezzant is the founding editor of Healthy Food Guide and contributors include …