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Tofu Tuesday: Bunny Years Infographic

I recently saw this rabbit to human years table over on the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry page and was inspired to design an infographic featuring a photo of Tofu. At 7 human years, Tofu the bunny is 57 bunny years. Hopefully, he has some good golden years left in him. This might seem like a strange way to present bunny ages, but you should neuter (or spay) rabbits from 3-4 months old and in bunny years, that’s roughly when they reach puberty at 10-12 years old. Waiting until a rabbit is 1 year old (or 21 bunny years old) before neutering (or spaying) would be irresponsible. Feel free to Pin, repost or distribute this infographic! I am available for infographic work (bunny related or not). Please contact me or check out more of my design work on my Behance page here.  

Meat! meet Infographics.

Have I told you that my Dad had a change of career? After half a century of meat eating, my Papa has become a butcher. He started off working in architecture as a draftsman, then he moved on to be chef/owner which he stuck at for over 2 decades. Now he is a butcher. Creative foodies run rampant in my family. Speaking of creatives and meet, here is a real commitment to graphic design and meat. Alyson from Drywell Art has a post a day blog dedicated to meat (inspired) diagrams. She’s close to completing a full year of these drawings so the sheer volume of work alone is impressive. Of course, they’re not all meat drawings, she may have run out or got bored with just meats, so there are plenty of funny non-meat diagrams there too. Here are a few of my favourites: Many more(sals) to be found at Meat Sections. She also has a bunch of awesome stuff at her Etsy Shop.