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Jamaican Me Hungry

I heard of Jamaican Me Hungry when I tried their jerk pork at Splore 2010. Splore is my favourite music festival and Jamaican Me Hungry is my favourite Jamaican food source. They are caterers based out in Warkworth which makes them pretty niche. Jamaican food isn’t big here in NZ and I guess there isn’t much of a Jamaican population here. It’s shame because their food translates very well. 2 years later, last Sunday at Splore 2012, I had the pleasure of trying their curry goat. Wow. I was worried it would be a intense for a Sunday bungday (one that could have been hangover city), but I was feeling pretty good (considering the liquor and lack of sleep). The goat was oh-my-goodness delicious. I’m just sad that these guys don’t have a restaurant I can access. I really hope that the next Jamaican food I have is sooner than Splore 2014.