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Monday Bunday: Choice Cuts Labbit

Holy crap. A designer that I adore has turned one of his collector items that I also adore into a diagram of another thing I adore. Frank Kozik has just released a new Labbit vinyl toy called Choice Cuts displaying the cuts of pork. I love Frank Kozik. I love Labbits. I love pork. Geek. Out. Overload. The release and signing of this toy was on Friday at a fantastic butcher in LA, California where they gave away a sausage to the first 50 in line. More info over at Kid Robot here.


It’s salad season again and we have had a week of warm spring days. One ingredient we keep in continual supply in our fridge all through the year, but gets eaten at an alarming rate in the warmer months, is Best Foods Real Mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is the thickest, creamiest mayo in a jar. Plus, it’s 21.1% fat free!

Frank Kozik is coming to NZ speak to me.

…and some other people…in August. Since Semi-Permanent has postponed their event until 2012, We Can Create will be the only big design event this year. What a relief! I was torn on whether to go to SP or WCC and after they announced a batch of amazing speakers, I quickly bought an earlybird ticket. The real attraction for me is Frank Kozik. Kozik’s client list includes MTV, Nike, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melvins, The Offspring and Butthole Surfers. His lowbrow illustrative style is distinctive and has been imitated once or twice. Kozik is an illustrator/graphic designer/toy designer. He deals with bunnies among other things. The Koala bought Kozik’s Happy Labbit toy for me as a gift once upon a time. Here is the Happy Labbit hanging out with Sharmi a few years ago. The Koala painted the Labbit to look like Tofu and the Labbit attended our wedding in Christchurch in place of Tofu. The Labbit sat at the head of the table right in front of  The Koala and …