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Smokey Mezze Bagel (and a giveaway)

This post was made possible thanks to the folks at Lisa’s  and Abe’s Bagels, who know a thing or two about quick and easy meals. Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter a delicious giveaway featuring both brands.   This post is for everyone who enjoys a good mezze platter. Traditionally served at the beginning of a meal – according to Wiki, mezze comes from the Persian word mazze meaning taste or snack – and as much social ritual as a meal. Grazing with friends is one of the more enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon. A great addition to any mezze platter is Lisa’s new Smokey Hummus. I love smoke and I love hummus but I’ve never tasted a smokey hummus before now. The smoke is subtle, not overpowering at all. The cream and lemon notes go beautifully with other mezze ingredients. I love the process of picking out the next morsel and combining items together. You curate every mouthful. Pick. Bite. Select. Down the hatch. Flavour, texture and colour go a …

All Black Morning Tea

Like many people in the country yesterday, we had a themed morning tea at work. There were some great treats including an amazing black rugby ball chocolate cake, cheesymite scrolls, dark chocolate and the prerequisite sausage rolls and mince savouries. Yesterday, with the Rugby World Cup celebrations, we finally took advantage of the fact that we live and work in Mt Eden. We worked outside the stadium last night with a team of 10 and it was nice to be part of the festivities even if we weren’t going in. Relieved we didn’t have to deal with public transport, we had an evening of of walking from work, to home, to work, to the park to home again, finished off the night drinking beers with friends at home watching the game on TV1. It must be the first game I’ve ever watched.