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Tofu Tuesday: Tofu and Philippe (a series)

Tofu and Philippe the Philodendron Imperial Green. I hate to pick favourites but Philippe is my favourite houseplant. I love the banana plant look he has going on. I wanted a banana plant for my office but as they need more sun and space than I could provide so I settled for this little guy. He’s gained a few new leaves and shooting up in the middle so I hope this means he likes me too. Philippe does not like direct light, will tolerate shady spots and hates the cold. A perfect office buddy. Strangely, Phillippe’s leaves are always wet, as if he dreams of the rainforest. I’ve been listening to hours rainforest sounds while I’ve been working at home. I hope Philippe appreciates the gesture. Tofu the bunny wasn’t shy at all about licking Philippe’s water droplets. No Philippes were harmed in the taking of these photos. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.