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Tofu Tuesday: House rabbit

Home is where the house rabbit is. Here in New Zealand, a rental property is known as a “flat”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a unit, a stand alone house, or an apartment. From a real estate point of view, a flat refers to an attached unit regardless of ownership status. When you are “flatting”, it means you’re renting with others and a “flatmate” is the equivalent of a “roomie”. Still, it doesn’t seem quite right to say that my husband and rabbit are my flatmates. BTW…Flat whites have nothing to do with flats and house reds have nothing to do with houses. Just a weird coincidence. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.

The smallest piece

“The whole universe depends on everything fitting together just right. If one piece busts, even the smallest piece… the whole universe will get busted.” – Beasts of the Southern Wild Our oven got busted. The smallest piece, the pin for the oven timer snapped off rendering the whole oven useless. Our landlord has been and gone, taking the timer with him so we have a hole where it used to be. Hopefully it is an easy and quick fix. Our stove works fine so I’m not relying on raw or microwave meals. Just no roasting or baking for a while. At least this isn’t a baking blog! Stovetop pavlova and cheesecake anyone?