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Tofu Tuesday: Weigh In

No one enjoys being weighed and Tofu the bunny is no exception. Turns out, Tofu weighs the same as he did six months ago. I guess that’s what he was trying to tell me, only I wouldn’t listen.   Edit: I should add that Tofu is still on a diet though we are more relaxed about it. He’s eating a mixture of half diet pellets and regular pellets and fresh food and hay. So no change in weight is fine. Better than weight gain!

Tofu Tuesday: Kitchen Scales

My sister got me this set of kitchen scales for Christmas. Of course, the first thing we weighed was this little dude. Tofu’s diet hasn’t resulted in any weight loss, in fact, at 2.6kg he’s gained 100 grams since he was last weighed. Still, his diet was for better health rather than weight loss so it’s not a complete loss. He hasn’t required a bath since his diet started so that is a very, very good thing. A new year often brings eating related resolutions, but being healthy should always outweigh weight loss. Wishing you all a happy new year and enjoyment of the good life.