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Monday Bunday: Rabbits Love Scarves

This very sweet scarf-wearing rabbit illustration is by Donna McKenzie. She sells her prints on Etsy and you can see this image and more on her website: I love how suddenly regal or gentlemanly this rabbit looks. I’ve been wearing a scarf most days, I hope I look this fancy. Tofu the bunny doesn’t wear a scarf, he has a nice fluffy dewlap the doubles as a scarf. Hope you are keeping warm this winter! The winter solstice happened upon us over the weekend and I’m very much looking forward to longer days. Walking to work in the dark feels so wrong.

Tofu Tuesday: Textiles

It’s a week until winter arrives and we’ve been hit with a sudden cold snap. Heater, dehumidifier and hot water bottles were deployed last night. The last few weeks has seen me stocking up on warm things at Kmart. It’s my new favourite discount store. Most of the time I’m browsing for bargains. Things that look more expensive and well made than their price suggests. It’s kind of a game. I’m on a bit of a geometric kick at the moment which you may have noticed if you follow my Pinterest boards. Above we have Tofu the bunny with black and white geometric scarf and blue tone geometric cushion from Kmart. (Fur coat model’s own)