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5 ways with Dairyworks cheese

Hi, I’m Genie and I am a cheese addict. Our fridge is always stocked with cheese. Like, a SELECTION of cheese. I always have a block of cheese open but the thing that annoys me is how the packaging is rendered useless after opening. When I wrap the packaging back on, the cheese is exposed like a cutout dress. Not cool. Blocks of cheese are designed to be used over time so I was delighted to see that Dairyworks has come up with re-sealable packaging for their convenience range of cheeses. At the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards a few months ago, Dairyworks won four category awards for their innovative cheese packaging. The Dairyworks range comes with recloseable packaging, a homey wood design and windows so the consumer can eat with their eyes. I really like the new grated cheese mixes 3 CH3EEZE and SMOKEY JOE which appeal to the glutton in me. Can’t decide on which cheese to buy? Well these packs are a blend of 3 cheeses each! The 3 CH3EEZE is a …

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

August 29 is officially More Herbs, Less Salt Day. I adore herbs and I wish I’d done a herb garden instead of our vegetable garden. I suppose it’s still not too late for that. I’ve grown rosemary, mint, coriander, basil, parsley, sage, tarragon and thyme. They’re all pretty sad looking at the moment, but hopefully this spring will give them magic beanstalk powers. My favourite herb is coriander and I can eat that stuff like spinach. The Koala loathes it though so I don’t cook with it but rather, dump it on top of my own plate as a garnish. Luckily it’s the kind of herb that works fine for that. What is your favourite herb? Are there any herbs you dislike? In honour of More Herbs, Less Salt Day, here are five of my favourite herb-filled recipes. All of these are particularly simple to prepare. Just click in the images below to be redirected to the recipes. Enjoy!