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Individual Steak and Guinness Pies

In honour of  St. Paddy’s Day, I invited my friends over for a pot luck dinner. The theme for the dinner was green or Irish and we had a pesto green starter and several green desserts. I made individual steak and Guinness Pies and we also had a green hued potato and pea mash. I confess. I’m not a huge fan of Guinness. I can drink it, but I find it heavy and savoury and pint or bottle is usually enough for me. I do however, enjoy it in a pie. You will need a lidded pot for this recipe (I used a dutch oven) and a 6up muffin tin. This is not the time for a dainty cupcake tin. My muffin tin makes large muffins about 3 inches or 8 cm wide at the base. To measure out how wide I needed the pie cases, I first measured across the wall+base+wall of a muffin tin with the edge of a teatowel and matched this measurement across the mouth a bowl. This bowl became the “cookie …

Happy Paddy’s Day!

Traditionally a day to dig out those Irish roots and an excuse for us to have a green themed morning tea at work today. I whipped these babies up for the occasion. Spinach, cheese, spring onion and egg in puff pastry. One was sacrificed for quality control so an uneven 11 will make it to work with me. The Koala wanted to eat one but 11 quiches to feed about 20 people is difficult enough as it is. Similar recipe with bacon can be found here. Speaking of green stuff, we’ve got feijoa, macadamia nuts and a tiny scallopini creeping into our garden.