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Winner of $150 New World voucher

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. With a big thank you to the New World Wine Awards I am pleased to announce the winner of the $150 New World voucher giveaway. The winner is… *drumroll please* Orlene Enoka! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy creating your own gourmet adventure with New World. Thanks to all who entered and if you missed out, don’t be sad,  I have more giveaways coming up so make sure you stay up to date with this blog and my giveaways by following my Facebook page here. This post was made possible by the good folks at the New World Wine Awards. Opinions are my own.

Do you read labels?

I actually enjoy grocery shopping because I don’t spend a long time reading labels. Shopping would take longer and be more of a chore if I had to read the label of every item. I generally have products I know and trust and those I never read the ingredients list on, things like steak, bananas, butter etc. A bargain…? We usually buy our meat at the butchers because of the price and quality. Our local supermarket more expensive and the quality is not as good, but we recently shopped at a discount supermarket (the yellow and black kind) and I was amazed that the meat was half price or less. That should have been a warning, but the bargain hunter in me said, “Woohoo! A meaty bargain!!!”. I bought a package of “steak” at the discount supermarket. The “sirloin” was on special at $10 per kg, so thinking I had eyed up a fantastic deal, I bought a pack. Sirloin steak at our local butchery is $25.95 per kg, so that should have triggered alarm bells. …