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Stinky horizons

I’ve met a some friendly, slightly unhinged goats in my life. I have a fondness and respect for them. Pictured above is a friendly nannie goat and I at a friend’s family farm. Good times. But I have always been terrified of goats cheese. It is too pungent for my taste and if you are Chinese, you may know the word “Soh”. “Soh” refers to a despised goat/sheep smell, not exactly endearing. A couple of years ago, I realised that goats cheese was tolerable as an ingredient. Like any pungent food, like anchovies, fish sauce, even garlic, on their own, they can be overwhelming – but paired with other, gentler foods, they can be wonderful. I mean, I love using fish sauce but I wouldn’t knock back a shot of Golden Boy’s smelly brew. Always looking to expand my growing edge, to broaden my stinky horizons, I decided to take the beaded lady by the horns and cook something with goats cheese for the first time. No stock risotto I’ve opened Pandora’s box and it …

Tofu Tuesday: Tofu vs Thyme

I didn’t witness this, but The Koala reported it back to me and I thought Tofu Tuesday fans would enjoy this too. I had planted a thyme plant in a plastic trough and left it on the edge of the deck about 2 feet up from ground level. Tofu the bunny, with terrible sight due to cataracts in both eyes, still has an excellent sense of smell. The very next day he used another, lower pot as a stepping stone to nibble at the overhanging thyme springs. Then he proceeded to pull the whole plant – and the dirt that goes with the plant – out and on top of his head. He continues eating. Unfazed. Hilarity ensues. I wish there was video or photos.