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A magical elixir for the food blogger

I just drank my first dose of a magical elixir. This vaccine is to protect me from the harms of cholera and traveler’s diarrhea. I pray this will give me the iron stomach I need to eat all sorts of varied, wonderful and slightly questionable things. I bumped into my sister this morning and she said that the potion was delicious. I was apprehensive. Maybe if I was expecting an awful taste, it would take pretty good. It was a rasberry and saline flavoured drink. I wouldn’t call it delicious. But since I was expecting delicious, I was a bit disappointed. Oh well, I didn’t have this drink for the flavour sensation. It is the effects of this drink that I am interested in. Onwards and upwards!

Osaka Food Review

Osaka, Japan is considered to be the city of gourmets. Bunny, eats and design can all be found all over this city. We also did a day trip to Kyoto. Eating out Eating out can be a confusing experience for the uninitiated. Some restaurants have machines by the door. You are supposed to put money in the machine and push some buttons to receive a ticket of your order. You sit down at a table and hand the ticket to the person serving who takes it to the kitchen and later brings out your food. We didn’t know this so when we sat down at a table without visiting the machine first, it became a very confusing situation for all involved. The server needed our ticket and we had no idea what she wanted, we just wanted menus so we could order or at least point to something randomly. After a bit of gesturing and watching other diners, we figured it out. Although the machines don’t have any English, they have photos of the dishes …