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Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiacs

Food bloggers’ potluck On Wednesday night, four food bloggers gathered for a delicious potluck. The theme was Valentine’s Day and aphrodisiacs had been thrown about in discussion. If you have a mind anywhere near the gutter, the dishes present all had sexy connotations. I recently saw a close up of a mussel on Instagram which could have been R18 and probably redefines the term “food porn”. So I brought my current potluck go to: baked mayo-cheese mussels. I’ve never travelled with these mussels so my heart and mussels jumped every time my Uber hit a bump or turned a sharp corner. The mussels went sliding around in their tray, possessed. Luckily none escaped the plastic wrap and the topping stayed on. As well as mussels, there were fresh oysters, satay sticks with greens, herbs and sauce by Carli from The Enthusiastic Cook, stuffed pasta shells with both smoked fish and a fascinating beet, beef and chocolate version by our host Maddy at Madicattt. Dessert was peach pie with dollops of cream by Bri from The Market. Kindred spirits understand that cameras eat first! As per our …

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing you a wonderful day whatever you might be doing. The Koala and I have been together for about 13 years now and we eat dinner together most nights. While we have celebrated Valentines Day by a dinner out several times, it’s not really our thing. It’s just so cheesy and expected. So, I’ve planned a antipasto potluck with friends in our backyard tonight. There will be sangria, olives, cheese, seafood, cold cuts, candles, a tablecloth and heart shaped sunglasses (pictured, modelled by Tofu the bunny). There will be a tw couples and a lots of singles. Any excuse for a feast 🙂 Do you have a romantic dinner for two planned? Is it going to be something like this?