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Watermelon Summer

Today marks the final day of NZ Watermelon Month and to celebrate, here’s a cocktail I whipped up over the weekend. Inspired in part by blogger meet ups where there are several distinct categories of bloggers present, two of which are food bloggers and beauty bloggers. Food bloggers got together and thought up how to bridge that gap and the Cocktail vs Nail Polish post was born. Bri posted her Polynesian Heat over on Instagram last week and here I am following suit with Watermelon Summer paired with Double Breasted Jacket by Essie. This drink is refreshing and isn’t too sweet as there is no added sugar. To make watermelon juice, I sliced some fresh watermelon, poked out and discarded the seeds and blitzed with a stick blended. Chill until required. Watermelon Summer Makes 2 drinks Ingredients 30ml Feijoa vodka 500ml watermelon juice with pulp, chilled A splash of pinot noir Ice Watermelon for garnish Preparation Fill two tall glasses with ice, add half the vodka to each, fill glasses to the top with watermelon juice. Stir to mix and top with …

Tofu Tuesday: Watermelon

Rabbits eating watermelon is kind of a thing and after seeing my friends’ guinea pigs demolish watermelon, I thought I’d better give Tofu his first taste of watermelon over the Christmas and New Year period. Since then, Tofu gets a piece every time we have watermelon in the house. Nothing quite like a chilled slice of melon on a hot summer’s day. Aww yiss. Click here to see more editions of Tofu Tuesday.