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Tofu Tuesday: Bunny Years Infographic

I recently saw this rabbit to human years table over on the Three Little Ladies Rabbitry page and was inspired to design an infographic featuring a photo of Tofu. At 7 human years, Tofu the bunny is 57 bunny years. Hopefully, he has some good golden years left in him. This might seem like a strange way to present bunny ages, but you should neuter (or spay) rabbits from 3-4 months old and in bunny years, that’s roughly when they reach puberty at 10-12 years old. Waiting until a rabbit is 1 year old (or 21 bunny years old) before neutering (or spaying) would be irresponsible. Feel free to Pin, repost or distribute this infographic! I am available for infographic work (bunny related or not). Please contact me or check out more of my design work on my Behance page here.