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What are you doin’ New Years Eve?

Wishing everyone a happy New Year! This duet by Zooey Deshanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was uploaded one year ago today. Adorable. I learned how to play the ukelele one afternoon last summer. I was left to my own devices at my parent’s house and so I helped myself to my little sister’s uke. It’s a fun instrument to pick up, especially if you’ve ever played the guitar or violin (I played both) but I’ve forgotten how the uke chords go already. No doubt this time of year is seriously overrated, but I’ll be first to put my hand up to organize something fabulous to do. We usually head to one of the many beach towns around and stay in a bach (holiday house) for the week. This year many of our friends are away so it’s going to be a little more low key. Still, we bought ourselves two bottles of our favourite white and gold rums for the occasion. Party on lovelies.

Monday Bunday: Mandy Coon Bunny bag

I don’t usually go ga-ga over celebrity styles, but there is something appealing about Zooey Deschanel. Tailored fit, whimsey, pretty dresses, vintage, less slut, more pin-up and more is more. I loved her wardrobe in the movie 500 Days of Summer and she was recently spotted with a Mandy Coon Bunny bag. Tumeke! Even though this bag costs a small fortune, it is sold out online. It kind of reminds me of this bunny shopping bag, only this bunny turns into a bag. You can’t have your bunny and bag it too.